Indigo, 2023

This Indonesian horror movie is under the direction of Rocky Soraya with himself also as the producer. Riheam Junianti is the writer together with Rocky Soraya.

The Cast Lists

Amanda Manopo performed as Zora

Nicole Rossi performed as Ninda

Aliando Syarief performed as Aksa

Erry Sukardi performed as Zora’s Helper 1

Ferry Ardiansyah performed as Wisnu

M. Alfarizi Adiwirya performed as Zora’s Grandfather

Lia Amelia performed as Zora’s Helper 2

Marcellino Lafrand performed as Anwar

Intan Rizky Jaenab performed as Rani

Mudji Massaid performed as Yudi Direktur Adiwirya

Rina Ritonga performed as Widuri

Amna Hasanah Shahab performed as Young Zora

Sara Wijayanto performed as Sekar

Khadijah Aruma performed as Elma

Mira Asmara performed as Mira

Ferdian Ariyadi performed as Agus

Ryuken Lie performed as Daffa

Story Outline

Zora had been illustrated as one indigo since young and making her life haunted and targeted always by the supernatural beings. Together with her is her younger sister, and also an indigo one, they strive to conquer their fear of the unseen attacks.

Writer’s Observation

If you have watched The 3rd Eye and The Doll movies, you would probably say that this is one of the best by Rocky Soraya. Rocky Soraya really stepped up his horror in this movie. The movie is a sucker for demonic possession and this one really done well. There appeared to be some influences from some other movies like The Grudge with regards to how a demon acted and looked at.

The production class is high, those demons look really scary, the story has been really good and there had been good jump scares too. If you have watch lots of horror movies of Rocky Soraya, you can say that really have an eye with horror movies and he can with this movie, he can win a lottery. This movie will make your adrenaline rushing. Those ghosts here also seemed look like Ju-on from a Japanese movie, and this movie, Indigo will take you to another level. All the characters here really got so much of attention by the way they acted which means that they are really amazing. Another thing is that, Rocky Soraya gets a very fit personality in this movie. Every character in this movie is very into who they are acting to. The plot is great as well. The beginning and the end of the storyline is really great. It is amazing and you will surely like watching this movie. If you are someone who is a fan of Indonesian demonic possession and horror movies or of any Rocky Soraya’s earlier movies, this one is a recommended movie to watch.

You can have yourself experienced what this movie is really portraying. Everyone should fight for goodness just in order to rescue all humanity. You have to fight evil in so many forms of life. No one will escape by laughing or hiding or pretending that they are safe but not. You can ignore but this will surely not help anyone or you.

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