Immanence (2022)

This movie Immanence is made possible under the direction of Kerry Bellessa and her as the writer together with Joshua Oram.

The Cast Lists

Michael Beach performed as Jonah

Summer Bellessa performed as Naomi

Kerry Bellessa performed as Bob

Chris Devlin performed as Priest

Paul Green performed as Damon

Jamie McShane performed as Guy

Kasia Pilewicz performed as Harper

Anthony Ruivivar performed as Roman

Bechir Sylvain performed as Possessed Man

Eugene Byrd performed as Davis

Lorena Booth performed as Reyna

Asenneth del Toro performed as Suzu

Bridget Hoffman performed as Ast / Molly

Joshua Oram performed as Father Dunn

Shein Mompremier performed as Possessed Man’s Wife

The Pig Betty performed as Pig

Colette Radstone performed as Temple Lady

Myra Turley performed as Hannah

Steve Apostolina performed as Helicopter Pilot (as Stephen Apostolina)

Story Outline

The radio astronomers discovered the odd signal at the deep sea which could be contacted with extraterrestrials things. After several horrifying manifestations threatened their beliefs, the group must fight so they can survive that ultimate evil.

Writer’s Observation

Well, everything in the movie will remind you of the group of the fellow amateur directors, actors, writers, etc. Who all joined forces, gathered their pocket money then settled to create an artsy film.

The movie starts really well and the first 55 minutes is just great. The beginning is a bit interesting, but its execution is somewhat clunky. Then it turns to a convoluted mix and match of every sort of nonsense. Contrary to what it means, Immanence has been all over the spot and your interest will surely evaporate. The science fiction, possession, prophecies, etc, almost everything makes that heavy meal that will make you hard to digest it all. The movie has decently made a really bad religion, sci-fi ET object that came to the earth. There is really a lot of spiritual talk against the “science nerds” wherein the main character systematically took down the dumb science views in opening themselves to god, and really, how dumb their scientists are. Their religious community messed-up the best idea again. They try using fancy to thwart science. Their movie production is really poor at best, however, but the spiritual nonsense really took it down.

With the major cast doing his darndiest to sound, look, and have that presence of Mr. Denzel Washington, without really quite hitting a mark. His performances had been that guilty-pleasure highlights. Sadly, he keep rambles on with the religious scriptures whenever he have the opportunity and pushing that kind of religious narrative previously stated. It has a terrible acting, horrible script, and the half of the film is really a pointless footage that it served only to lengthen their movie to exceed that 90-minute runtime. It appears that they decreased the playback pace in many scenarios in the post-production to create every final suspenseful moment and to squeeze more of your to those rare moments. The acting is below par and the real ending is uneventful and ridiculous.

Knowing that the script and the acting are fairly amateur, they do so many silly dialogues and over-explaining. It occasionally teeters over the good and the bad but they fumble.

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