Resurrection, 2022

The film is an American psychological thriller movie of the writer, director Andrew Semans. The story followed Margaret when she tried to maintain controlling her life when the abusive ex-boyfriend re-appeared in the vicinity. The movie was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Albany, NY.

The Cast Lists

Rebecca Hall performed as Margaret

Grace Kaufman performed as Abbie

Michael Esper performed as Peter

Tim Roth performed as David

Angela Wong Carbone performed as Gwyn

Story Outline

Margaret is a successful, composed, businesswoman living in New York, in Albany and a single mom to Abbie, who’s leaving for her college. She had a love affair with Peter, a married co-worker of her. One day, Abbie saw a tooth inside her wallet. Margaret missed the call from Abbie, and had her biking accident while drinking. During her work conference, Margaret noticed David, the guy from her past, who is also attending. She was attack with panic, runs home and prevented Abbie from seeing her friend.

Margaret had her nightmare about finding the baby inside the oven. She became irritable and attempted to have sexual contact with Peter in their workplace. The she saw David again when she was shopping and then runs off together with Abbie, who then became wary about her latest behavior. Margaret confronted David, who claimed that he is with Ben, and then smiles, his mouth then missed the tooth. Margaret goes to the police station, but takes no assistance. She has her new locks installed and she also purchases a gun.

David and Margaret met when she was 18 and transferred with him just after two weeks of their meeting. While originally charming, David soon then became controlling and abusive. He requested Margaret to give “kindness”, which were basically acts of personal humiliation or self-harm, in return of his love. Then Margaret gave birth to their son Benjamin, who then became his jealous target. One day when Margaret returned home to see Benjamin gone. David claimed that he have eaten him. Then Margaret became catatonic that David manipulated her to believing that their dead son is still alive inside him. Margaret eventually flew to the US.

Writer’s Observation

This movie starts out really fine. There is a tense atmosphere and the main character is troubled. The acting had been so good that you wish to know what is really going on with the main character. She seemed to be experiencing from some trauma that has been triggered by seeing the fella from the past. But, after being introduced to this wicked guy, nothing really makes sense and the movie just completely nose dive into fuckness. It is not certain if the unclear craziness is thought to be a horror or when there are some deep, between the line things going on here, however, you will surely not care. It was just the real let down coming from the movie that had so many things for the first 30 to 40 minutes runtime.

The muted colors and the cinematography of each scenes and set, improve the suspense feeling and the pending trauma. The movie gives a top example of a long-reaching impact to gaslighting, mind-control, and sadistic manipulation since an individual tried to control the other. Since Margaret refused to come clean together with Abbie, her daughter, Abbie was convinced that her going to school is causing the breakdown of her mother. Instead, the psycho-thrills goes deeper in showing how Margaret’s vulnerability during her young age had stuck with her in over two decades, and no amount of readiness can break that spell … it will require action to stifle that diabolical jerk just like David.

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