The Wendigo, 2022

The film is an American horror movie under the direction and the story of Jake Robinson together with the writer James S. Brown. This is shot in a found footage style. It follows the team of influencers from the social media who set out so they can search for the fellow influencer that disappeared while investigating the lost tribe of Native American at the woods in North Carolina. The movie premiered as being a piece of the virtual film festival of Exhibition of Evil on 28th of October, 2022. The movie is slated for the release on the digital platforms on the 4th of August, 2023.

The Cast Lists

Matthias Margraves performed as Matthew

Hunter Redfern performed as Jay

Hurley Paul performed as Paul

Taylor-Grace Davis performed as Kaylee

Christopher Kuriata performed as Tim

Laura Rodriguez performed as Cassi

Jake Robinson performed as TJ

Austin Pigza performed as The Wendigo

Tyler Gene performed as Logan


Rudy Ledbetter

Gloria Straube

Shawn Alexander Thompson

Roddy Graves

Sterling Scott

Story Outline

After the social media star disappeared in the forest of North Carolina, the friends that are with him are set to find out what really happened to him. Disregarding the fairy tale about the cursed land had been their first mistake and there are a lot more.

Writer’s Observation

If you are a fan of Jake Robinson movies, you will be apt to like this movie since it is one of those low budget indie movies that flow only for 68 minute runtime. This is the exact one that you will surely love to watch for.

The initial 10 minutes of the movie are the livestreams format as can be seen in the present Shudder hit, Deadstream. Their “live” comments during its stream are both realistic and hilarious. Jake Robinson used the actual Twitch streamers in making the comments and their results are purely authentic and comedy gold. For sure, there are some that will have to watch it gain so they can know what the comments are.

The Wendigo

The other parts of this movie are a found footage mockumentary method. It is a slow burn that makes it hard to drag of successfully; however, Jake handles to do it. The tilt runtime helps, there’s no fat on the movie, its moves in a brisk pace that it is never boring. The moment that the action begins, it became believable and frantic. Also Clint Apple and Jamie did their best job at the SFX makeup.

This film is well acted, no weak links, a really solid cast. Again, it is unwilling to single anyone out since they all create an amazing job. The casts are mostly unendurable youtube streamers and portrayed very believably. For a viewer, you will not adore these characters. The unlikable characters in the horror movies will all depend on the audience personal preference because, as for me, it is more fulfilling if they die. The overall solid effort which someone must check out when this movie is released is that, if you are a fan of found footage genres.

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