Muoi: The Curse Returns, 2022

This is a Vietnamese language movie under the direction of Hang Trinh with Oscar Duong as the writer and the story is made by Phil Wyatt. This film is made possible by Hang Trinh is the producer of this movie.

The Cast Lists

Hong-Anh performed as Anh Hong

Binh Minh performed as Binh Minh

Chi Pu performed as Linh

Rima Thanh Vy performed as Hang

Story Outline


Linh accepted the invitation to have a visit at Hang’s place, her long lost bff, best friend, in an old house in the nearby city. During Linh stay there, she discovered the haunted picture of Muoi and the curse it has throughout the years of anger. Then Linh need to make her life and death choice of either to run away or to just face the curse just in order for her to save her best friend, and little of her knowing, while gradually unfolding the dark secret behind the haunted portrait, Linh had been falling deeper in the most terrible trap, which was being contrived… particularly, just for her.

Writer’s Observation

It is one cinematic disaster. The plot of the movie is poorly written with the characters lacking the depth or their acting development. The scares are really non-existent and the acting is wooden. The horror scenes aren’t even remotely scary, with their movie failed to make any sense of atmosphere or tensions. The pacing of the movie is incredibly slow that it feels really like a duty to watch it. The narrative is disjointed and confusing, making it hard to follow the story or care about their characters. Their special effects had been amateurish, and their makeup is laughable. Their movie is lacking any real substance and it relies on the cheap jump scares with their predictable horror tropes of trying and making that sense of terror.

To sum it all, it is one forgettable movie that is really not worth of your money and time. The lack of real scares, lack of engaging characters and the coherent plot make it a nonsense movie to watch. If you are really a fanatic of horror movies, this movie is not the one to watch at any cost. The plot is really a bit flat with everything that is being jumbled up when it is near the end. Most of those things that happened here will be presumed by the audience without the need to explain the leads to the entire story. The things in this movie seemed to be connected but not related as well at that same time. Their jump scare had been quite okay; however, it does not make sufficient horror feeling that you will anticipate. Maybe the title misinformed you to think there is the bigger event earlier to the timeline of the movie, so it increased the viewer expectation. Acting wise, both of the girls did a good job but their friend that had been taken to the villa, seemed to not really in the personality quite yet. Sure, you will regret wasting your time watching.

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