The Ancestral, 2022

This horror film is another Vietnamese language movie of director Le-Van Kiet with the writers Le-Van Kiet and Vo Nguyen Dan. The movie is made possible by the producers Nguyen Le Lan Anh, Dan Trong Tran, Le-Van Kiet, and Vo Nguyen Dan as an assistant producer.

The Cast Lists

Quang Tuan performed as Thanh

Dieu Nhi performed as Hanh

Lam Thanh My performed as Linh

Mai Cát Vi performed as Yen

Story Outline

Following their family tragedy, the Vietnamese family, moved out into the countryside. The guy and his two daughters move and came in the centuries-old ancestral house to be back on their own feet, following the passing of his wife. When both the daughters have night terrors and unsettling visions, their father seeks the help of the psychologist, as something sinister inhabited the walls. They discover that the deadly presence with its visions of the old kin’s ancient crypt and sinister secrets is dwelling in the house, troubling their attempts at curing, are forced in dealing with their past life to stop that spirit.

Writer’s Observation

Overall, the movie comes off really well. Among the finest aspects here is its stellar setup that gives the fine framework for that scare to come. Opening for the family going back to their ancestral home in their possession, dwelling in, and generally being scared by everything that is around them is the best touch to get in this movie. The general unfamiliarity and the spacious location with their house have an already troubled vibe and create for that even better time if taken up alongside that emotional family drama. Being aware that the father had been going through some loneliness, the eldest daughter experiences the same also with their mother passing, and their attempts to heal each other though watching over their other daughter offer a requisite psychological and emotional base to work it off.

There is sufficient familiarity in the form here to identify that they are attempting to stay a family but stayed haunted by beyond happening which is the solid means to go about giving this type of material. The fine setup allows the movie to improve that creepiness with the time-honored jump-scare adding so much to like. With its eerie voices and whispers coming from the deep inside their home to the younger daughter sleepwalking, this early setup here will come together for that chilling atmosphere. As the time run on and the events become much more terrifying, an investigation revealing a truth about who haunted the house and the purpose for their being present has so much to like because of the early ground-work formed in the beginning of the movie.

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