Beast, 2022

This is a survival action horror movie of director Baltasar Kormákur from the story of Jaime Primak Sullivan. This movie followed the widowed father together with his two teen daughters who visited the South African game reserved but must battle to endure when they are being stalked and attacked by the rogue, ferocious, man-killing lion.

The Cast Lists

Idris Elba performed as the Dr. Nate Samuels, the widowed father

Sharlto Copley performed as Martin Battles, the wildlife biologist and Nate’s old friend.

Leah Sava Jeffries performed as Norah Samuels, Nate younger daughter who is sensitive

Iyana Halley performed as Meredith Samuels, Nate elder daughter who is argumentative and rebellious

Naledi Mogadime performed as Amahle, the beautiful wife of Dr. Nate Samuel who died of cancer.

Story Outline

The currently widowed Dr. Nate and his daughters, Norah and Meredith, arrive for a vacation in South Africa at the Mopani Reserve. Nate reunited with his old buddy, Martin Battles, the biologist and the Mopani manager, who set-up Nate to his wife. Martin took Nate and his girls into the village wherein the wife of Nate grew up. Nate confided to Martin about his guilt on being distant following their separation, after which her wife developed terminal cancer. Their trip is to connect with his daughters.

In the following day, Martin and his daughters tour the restricted areas of the reserve. Martin showed them the local lion pride where they noticed the one is injured. In a close by Tsonga environment, Martin discovered most of the populace has been dead. Suspecting the rascal, man-killing lion has been accountable, Martin returned to report his findings. Nate encountered the injured Tsonga man over the road however, was not able to rescue him. Martin was mauled as he tracked the lion. It ambushes Nate then, who takes the cover in an auto. Meredith speeds away and then crashed in the tree, stranding them.

Then Martin radios Nate over the walkie-talkie, warned him to remain away, saying that the lion is utilizing Martin as the bait to lure some of the others out. Since the radio is now out of range for taking some help, Nate assembled the tranquilizer rifle. He confronted the lion, hoping he can subdue it just long enough to recovered Martin and then trek back to the civilization. The lion attacked, and Meredith took advantage of that distraction to rescue Martin. Norah stabbed the lion with the tranquilizer dart after this knocked the gun from the hands of Nate, causing the lion for some retreat. Meredith takes Martin back into the car, and then Nate treats all his wound.

Writer’s Observation

There not that much good here in this movie. The first act of this movie is what carries it. It was done really and entertaining. The establishing shots and the scenery of the African landscapes were beautiful. It will make you wish to watch it even more on a much bigger screen. The opening to these characters had been fine. You will be intrigued to discover a lot more. Idris Elba had been great and he is really a fine actor. Sharlto Copley was also great in supporting role and they both had the best chemistry together This first act culminated in the fantastic scene where the village has been massacred, it will made for some tension and some horrific scenery.

But unfortunately after that entertaining first act, the movie just take the massive dive, the total disbelief and the silliness of these casts was just amazing. Nate’s daughters are totally inept, making the downright idiotic and the most ridiculous choices. You will not be able to count how many moments you will roll your eyes and say “why would they do that?” And for sure, you will not be alone, because for sure, many fellow audience members had made their displeasure also known.

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