Deadly Love Poetry, 2022

This is an Indonesian psychological horror movie that is both directed and written by Garin Nugroho. The movie had their world premiere at Asian Film Festival during the seventeenth Jogja-NETPAC during the Indonesian Movie Showcase program. It took two nominations during the Indonesian Film Festival in 2023.

The movie was theatrically seen in Indonesia on January 5, 2023. It was also screened at the International Movie Festival Rotterdam in 2023 during the Harbour series.

The Cast Lists

Mawar de Jongh performed as Ranum / Ranting

Ayu Laksmi performed as Laksmi

Baskara Mahendra performed as Hayat

Unique Priscilla performed as Anna’s mother

Samo Rafael performed as Mantram

Imelda Therinne performed as Ranum / mother of Ranting

Fergie Brittany performed as Ninin

Izabel Jahja performed as Ellen

Morgan Oey performed as Rendy

Eduwart Manalu performed as Ranum’s father

Yayu Unru performed as intel officer

Raihaanun performed as Anna

Kelly Tandiono performed as Deren

Story Outline

Deadly Love Poetry

Ranum easily falls in the sweet thought or words of men. But, when they will betray her, they will meet their ends at the own hands of the mysterious figure. The words of poetry will spell certain death if this young woman will be deceived and it grows increasingly distraught right after the string of those unusual killings take place.

Writer’s Observation

With this Indonesian movie “Deadly Love Poetry”or (“Puisi Cinta Yang Membunuh”) being a horror film that you will opt to watch when you had the chance to do so. If you had not actually seen or heard this movie prior to you watching it, you will not have any expectations with regards to what it was in for.

The writer just failed to give the entertaining or wholesome script of the movie, that at least with regards to giving the audience the entertainment they deserve. The narrative was just insanely slow, and there is nothing overly interesting or worthwhile happened in the next 45 minutes of you watching this movie. You will simply give up and utter your boredom and will just prefer to leave the movie. Just talk about the swing and the miss from the writer.

If you are someone with a limited exposure with Indonesian movies and you are not that familiar with the characters ensemble in the movie, you will surely have nothing to say. The actors and the actresses here virtually had none to work with at all. The movie had a bit to give. There was a little blood in this film, but it was not really enough to make up about the lack of the proper storyline.

For one horror movie that simply failed to give it, then this movie is not the one that you would recommend to watch by many. It is a total waste of money, effort and time. And believe me if I say to you that, you will not bother finishing the movie, if you had the chance to start watching it, because the plot will surely failed to entertain you.

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