The Chalk Line, 2022

This is a Spanish mystery and psychological thriller movie of director Ignacio Tatay as his feature debut and this movie star Elena Anaya. Isabel Peña collaborated with the writing of the movie story. The project, the Pokeepsie Films production had been stop because of the onset of pandemic of COVID-19 in Spain.

The filming resumed in 2020 of July, with Oriol Barcelona for cinematography duties. The movie was shot in a number of places in Madrid region, including San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Boadilla del Monte, and also as the set in the Villaviciosa de Odón. The movie is distributed by the Sony Pictures Entertainment Iberia, this movie was theatrically released on September 9, 2022 in Spain and then came out to Netflix on October 24, 2022.

The Cast Lists

Elena Anaya performed as Paula

Eloy Azorín performed as Beltrán

Eva Llorach performed as Maite

Pablo Molinero performed as Simón

Eva Tennear performed as Clara

Sonia Almarcha performed as Gloria

Esther Acebo performed as Claudia

Carlos Santos performed as Eduardo

Mona Martínez performed as Arana

Story Outline

The Chalk Line

The story is mainly set in the residential place with the upper-class villas. Then one evening, Paula together with her husband discovered an alone, stranded, young wandering girl at the high road who had been obsessed with the monster that will supposedly haunt her the moment she crossed the chalk square drawn over the ground. The girl was taken to the hospital because of kidney issues. There are no parents located and the child is not responsive and is not talking that much. Right after trying to amend the conjugal relationship, this couple pledges to care for a girl on a short term basis, to help her to recover and then slowly, light has thrown upon her previous life and the oddness is uncovered largely of her foster parent.

Writer’s Observation

No pun intended. It is understandable if you have concerns with this movie. With certain illustrations (dramatic and otherwise) and reactions of the movie characters, you will need to suspend your doubts! Quite a lot and to be honest, it is placing it mildly.

That being said, in the end, this movie will surely reward your patience. Because there is a lot to it than you’ll think there is. There will be turns and twists waiting to be told, so while you can cringe and pulled out some hairs – try to recall that especially in movies like horror, people need to do some things for some other things to take place, also there are many explanations to multiple things. There are times you will not be even thinking about the one that’s the truest. You’ll not feel it, but the acting has been more than decent. It’s the characters that will surely annoy you and don’t blame the artists. Overall, still the movie is well made and with a final touch of the movie that will be able to sway one’s mind and the twist too.

Well, the movie was a pleasant shock, if you do not know anything about it. It will keep you riveted and the plot was decently acted and pretty good. The movie is rated horror and it is definitely not a thriller/suspense movie.

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