Missing, 2023

The film is an American screenlife thriller and movie of the director and writer Nick Johnson and Will Merrick as their featuring directorial debuts coming from the plot by Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian. Its plot followed June Allen, the teenager who tried to locate her missing mom after she disappeared on trip to Colombia with her current boyfriend.

The Cast Lists

Storm Reid performed as June Allen

Megan Suri performed as Veena

Tracy Vilar performed as Detective Gomez

Tim Griffin performed as James Walker

Ava Zaria Lee performed as 6-year-old June

Ken Leung performed as Kevin Lin

Sean O’Bryan performed as Radio Host

Daniel Henney performed as Agent Elijah Park

Michael Segovia performed as Angel

Joaquim de Almeida performed as Javier Ramos

Lauren Mosley performed as Rachel

Amy Landecker performed as Heather Damore

Nia Long performed as Grace Allen

Story Outline

June Allen is an 18-year-old that dwells with her single mom Grace in the suburb of LA. Despite being close with each other, June was annoyed at the attempts of Grace to micromanage her own life. When Grace goes out for a trip to Cartagena, Colombia, together with Kevin, her boyfriend, June spends her time partying whereas also trying to evade Heather, Grace’s lawyer friend.

After a week, June is waiting for Kevin and her mother at the LAX, but then they never came, and an inquiry in the hotel revealed their luggage never goes out. When the FBI officer at the US consulate is not able to make headway, June decided to investigate herself, finally hiring Javier, the Colombian gig worker that complied with the requests of June for a little fee.

Storm Reid in Screen Gems MISSING

June cracked the password to the Gmail account of Kevin, in which she discovered several aliases and the criminal record of the many scammed women for their cash. Believing that Kevin had kidnapped her mom, June has Javier to look for some clues as to the whereabouts of them in Colombia. She traced the past movements of Kevin to the location in Nevada, wherein she talked to Jimmy, the pastor at the Christian rehabilitation centre of the ex-convicts, who told her that Kevin had been rehabilitated and was really infatuated with Grace. The online dating profile of Kevin seemingly confirmed this, as past text revealed Grace was already informed of the past of Kevin.

Writer’s Observation

You will genuinely enjoy the film. The thought of having the young woman sleuthing by little more of the apps over her laptop and phone is quite well presented. The scenes being set outside of that computer set looked slapdash and uninspired, namely any of those cable news program and police news conference. The silly small things we all encounter with the social media and the internet were solidly, usually amusingly, displayed.

There are many plot holes, mainly because of them trying to maintain a mystery. But all this may be ignored, since the movie had been genuinely engrossed for the main of the photo. And while you willnot totally object with the nature of itself resolution, the movie strangely changes pace to a rather pedestrian replica of the action-thriller movie. You will surely wish that the movie had been capable of maintaining the core atmosphere, and will not just descend to the ordinary.

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