The Empty Chair: Final Exam, 2023

This is an Indonesian movie that is made possible under the direction of Lakonde with the screenplay by Alim Sudio and the story made by Monty Tiwa.

The Cast Lists

Karina Suwandhi performed as Amanda Kartanegara

Jameelah Saleem performed as Amanda Remaja

Andri Sulistiandri performed as Dadang

Deirda Tahier performed as Fadly

Alexzander Wlan performed as Anton

Toby Armstrong performed as Indra

Barbie Arzetta performed as Karina

Josevanie Allestra performed as Ayu

Fiorenza Celesta performed as Sisil

Lania Fira performed as Nakila

Naomi Ivo performed as Alya

Maisha Kanna performed as Nala

Zidane Khalid performed as Vincent

Zaki Malik performed as Riko

Aida Nurmala performed as Maning

Rachel Patricia performed as Geeta

Reynavenzka performed as Lidya

Benjamin Rebeca performed as Rama

Haydar Salishz performed as Yudhi

Teddy Syah performed as Abah Ayub

Jihan Serlina performed as Linda

Jessica Lucyana Taroreh performed as Indri

Andy /rif performed as Ujang Pegat

Tyan Anugrah performed as Togar

Bintang Agara performed as Brandon

Neysa Chandria performed as Ika

Emiliano Fernando Cortizo performed as Ariel

Irgi Fahrezi performed as Ridwan Kartanegara

Sherry Jolieca performed as Barbie

Ridwan Kainan performed as Urip

Allesandro Karamoy performed as Radit

Dinda Mahira performed as Inka

Dosi Nada performed as Devi

Emyr Razan performed as Pasha

Alex Rio performed as Ruslan

Florian Rutters performed as Doni

Story Outline

The Empty Chair

A ghastly force forces the high school into bloodshed and also terror when it starts to possess the group of the students that are sitting for their exams.

Writer’s Observation

The movie begins the first thirty minutes in a totally gory way that will make you totally excited for what is really going to happen after. The killing part is very wild that will allow the slashers fans for a really high tension, although the movie is not rated R in Malaysia.

The largest disadvantage of the entire movie is the forming of the characters. Many behaviors will really make the people feel illogical and inexplicable, especially in the adult roles. The audience will personally feel that their adult acting skills are really worse when compared with the students. This will be the first time that you can witness this in a horror movie. Many people’s acting talents are only granted with open their large eyes or illustrating up with loud voices, and also they do not feel prevented at all.

If you know Karina Suwandhi, you will surely expect a lot from this movie. It was promising in the beginning but it just went downhill after 10 minutes. There are certainly disturbing and creepy scenes, but most of the part, it is just plain ridiculous. What will really tick you in this movie is its being too cool to become bothered of the exorcism. And then there had been possessions that appeared like amateur break dancers. It is really a bad acting and it is also bad to consider it as a comedy movie. Annoying teen casts that blame their faults on the teachers and whose personality development is only about 0.1%. Seriously, the whole movie show is just like a Child’s Play but as a replacement for a doll, they used possessed zombies. You will surely not get where they’re going on with this.

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