Conjuring Kannappan, 2023

The film is an Indian Tamil-language of horror and comedy under the direction and writings of Selvin Raj Xavier as his directorial debut with AGS Entertainment as the producer. The film was proclaimed in September 2023. The major photography had started and ended before its announcement. The movie music has been made through the effort of Yuvan Shankar Raja and the cinematography is being handled by Yuva.

The Cast Lists

Sathish performed as Kannappan aka KP

Anandaraj performed as Devil Armstrong

Regina Cassandra performed as Dark Daves

Nassar performed as Exorcist Ezhumalai

Adithya Kathir performed as a Devil Armstrong’s sidekick

Jason Shah performed as Soldier William Blake

Hella Stichlmair performed as Malkin Daves

Elli AvrRam performed as Doc. Magdalene Ellis

Soundarya Priyan performed as Interviewer

Namo Narayana performed as Sekar

Redin Kingsley performed as Dr. Johnny

Apollo Ravi performed as Interviewer

Benedict Garrett performed as the Commander Robert Langdon

VTV Ganesh performed as Anjanenjan, Kannappan’s father and Lakshmi’s husband

Saranya Ponvannan performed as Lakshmi, Kannappan’s mother and Anjanenjan’s wife

Story Outline

Kannappan’s mother was one aspiring influencer, but then he just wish to have a job for him. He was attempting very hard for the longest time, but there are some goof-ups that keep on happening, and he wasn’t able to take it. Kannappan adored playing much games and he wishes to have a job into that field, as he’s pretty sure that he wish to make his career what he loves doing. He is aware that he’s good at it, that when he will have the proper opportunity, he would perform well for himself.

However, luck was not in favor of him, and there’s a time in the Conjuring Kannappan when he’d lost hope. Around the same time, Kannappan began talking to the little boy who is playing games with him, that he advised him of making some in-game purchases. The boy ended up using 10 lakh rupees, right after that, his goon uncle, asked Kannappan for paying it since he’s the one who initiated him. Devil Armstrong is the name of the goon started frightening Kannappan, and then told him of paying the amount in just two weeks. Then one day, there’s some problem with their water supply, and then Kannappan went to their well.

The well hadn’t been used for several months, but then Kannappan had no added option as he wished to take a shower. He seized out the water, with it came the dream catcher that have possibly been staying there for ages. Then Kannappan did not know what this was, and he then just plucked the feather from it. Then he did not know what are the consequences of the actions he have done and that same day, when he was sleeping, he had a bad dream where he’s in a kingdom, and there had been ghosts who were going after his life.

Writer’s Observation

If you are not familiar with this movie and then watched it, you will not anticipate the movie to be that good. The comedy was well situated and laughed worthy. The horror worked out really well, jump scary moments are there and the idea of the dream catcher concept had worked really well and neatly performed. Overall the movie is fun to watch and you will surely enjoy it.

The production house age has done their job good by producing a content oriented movie and they believed that the direction vision and production of the movie. Also, the technical group as done great work, CG was good, makeup and editing and the casting had been ideal for their every role.

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