Day Shift, 2022

This American action horror comedy movie of director J. J. Perry is his directorial debut, with the writer Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice from the plot of Tice, and stars Jamie Foxx as the blue-collar father that is working as a pool-cleaning job had been the front for his job as the vampire hunter.

The Cast Lists

Jamie Foxx performed as Bud Jablonski, the previous paratrooper and with down-on-his-fortune vampire hunter who then later on became Seth’s best friend

Meagan Good performed as Jocelyn Jablonski, ex-wife of Bud

Dave Franco performed as Seth and Bud’s partner and union supervisor

Steve Howey performed as Mike Nazarian, Diran’s brother and a vampire hunter

Eric Lange performed as Ralph Seeger, the president of vampire hunter’s union

Oliver Masucci performed as Klaus, right-hand man of Audrey

Karla Souza performed as the Audrey San Fernando, the vampire posing as the real estate agent who is threatening to kill the family of Bud as a vengeance for her daughter

Peter Stormare performed as Troy, the pawnbroker who illegally dealt in the supernatural items

Scott Adkins performed as Diran Nazarian, Mike’s brother and a vampire hunter

Natasha Liu Bordizzo performed as Heather, new neighbor of Bud

Zion Broadnax performed as Paige Jablonski, daughter of Bud and Jocelyn

Snoop Dogg performed as the “Big” John Elliott, the veteran vampire hunter and the Bud’s old friend

Story Outline

Bud Jablonski is the blue-collar dad that is working for his family that evidently working as the pool cleaner. His actual job is killing after hunting vampires. While in his work Bud saw the guy leaving their home where he is working. He noiselessly breaks to the house wherein he encountered the two vampires, a younger man and an elderly woman, who lives there. Next, the lengthy fight, he killed the vampires and pulled out their fangs by pliers.

Bud tried to sell those fangs in the pawnshop, but the price that the owner Troy offered are not sufficient to help him of his money issues. Jocelyn, Bud’s ex-wife was planning to transfer to Florida together with their daughter that is attending a private school and has high fees. Just in order they can pay the tuition, buy the braces of his daughter, and cover his debts, Bud was forced to go back to his vampire hunting union. Then Bud enlisted “Big” John Elliot, his old army buddy, to help him to join again in the union.

Ralph Seeger is the union boss who initially refused because of Bud’s history of many code violations. He then finally given the final chance but should work under strict supervisions: He should only work on day shifts, which will not pay well which must also be supervised by the Seth, the union rep. Seth was tasked to look and report any kind of violations that Bud will commit.

Writer’s Observation

This movie is far from a masterpiece especially with every plot-holes and the disconnected information and the cheesiness but in totality, you can see that it give on the entertainment part. The dynamic of Seth and Bud is adorable in this movie. The action part is also great thought there are some wonky CGI everywhere, but this is fast and there are some actual choreo in it. The ridiculousness just adds the fun where some scenarios are just over a top. You cannot help but laugh here because it is so stupid particularly how the non-chalant characters and even the instances are.

The premise is not anything new here. They did add most of the vampire lore in but it hardly scratched the surface in giving the applause. Anyhow they did not skimp on their gore. Snoop Dogg scearios. All the scenes of Seth are really pluses and anyone will be entertained. This is the brain off movie. It turned out as a nice entertaining action movie. There are some that will find it bloody and it is really, but you will enjoy it like the entire story. This was one well executed action film, super packed with the action scenes from beginning till the end, and a story wise one, where they could have make a more better job.

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