Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, 2023

This is an American supernatural horror movie of director Lindsey Anderson Beer, as her directorial debut with Jeff Buhler as her co-writer. This served as the prequel to the 2019 Pet Sematary that in turn was from the novel of 1983 of similar label by Stephen King. This is the fourth episode of Pet Sematary movie series.

Set in 1969, fifty years before the happenings of the previous movie, the story followed the young Jud Crandall when he located the local national American cemetery wherein the deceased can be able to live again, and without realizing the terror that may affect his life. And after the commercial victory of the 2019 Pet Sematary, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the producer had plans for the prequel explaining about the universe and the mythology of the movie. In February 2021, this movie was green-lit, with di Bonaventura and Buhler going back to their roles as producer and screenwriter.

The Cast Lists

Jackson White performed as Jud Crandall

David Duchovny performed as Bill Baterman

Forrest Goodluck performed as Manny

Natalie Alyn Lind performed as Norma

Jack Mulhern performed as Timmy Baterman

Henry Thomas performed as Dan Crandall

Ted Whittall performed as a hospital visitor

Vincent Leclerc performed as a priest

Pam Grier performed as Majorie Washburn

Isabella Star LaBlanc performed as Donna

Samantha Mathis performed as Kathy Crandall

Story Outline

Pet Sematary

In year 1969, the young Jud Crandall dreamt of escaping his own hometown, until he finally discovered the malevolent top secrets of what had been buried in the cemetery. He confronted the haunting family legacy which forever connects him into the place, then reunited with his childhood buddies as they face the ancient devil that has beset Ludlow from its setting up.

Writer’s Observation

If it will mean watching this movie again, you probably will not want to be buried in the pet sematary. This movie is one of the films that you will hear people asking: what were they really thinking? Is this kind really necessary? Who is in their proper minds will come up with such idea like this? Bloodlines centers on the young Jud Crandall that tells the plot of the entire bunch of crazy stuffs happening around him.

Coming from the not so famous opinion with no actual hatred towards remakes, prequels or spin-offs, reboots, and sequels, it is undeniable that the movie is a totally catastrophe of the movie, founded by someone with an average thinking idea. It is filled with lots of dumb circumstances and ridiculous plot holes that it became hard to watch without really wondering why this project was taken up. For where credit is being due, the movie actually is pretty interesting that moves smoothly. It is competently made with regards to how the shots appear, how the camera worked and the truth that the artists actually do their decent job, but that is pretty much all and that is what is good about it.

The movie can practically be summed down into most of its writings and whoever came up with this idea. It feels really much like their writers had the bunch of “cool” terror film ideas that they wish to just put it here, but with bunch of unwise clichés crammed to one is just how it happened to be.

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