Evil at the Door, 2022

This movie is made possible under the writer and director Kipp Tribble. He is also the producer together with Patrick Rivera and Kenny Yates, while Richard Siegelman is the executive producer of the movie.

The Cast Lists

Richard Siegelman performed as Kennedy

Kenny Yates performed as Nixon

Sunny Doench performed as Jessica

Bruce Davison performed as John Doe

John James performed as Roebuck

Robert Allen Mukes performed as The Cleaner

Andi Sweeney Blanco performed as Liz

Kipp Tribble performed as Truman

Scott Hamm Duenas performed as Eisenhower

Robert Felsted Jr. performed as Isaac

Matt O’Neill performed as Daniel

Story Outline

Arriving home from your work, the stressed family guy was trying to deal nice with Liz, the sister of her wife, who unexpectedly shows up at the house of her sister Jessica, and finds that his house is now surrounded by those Locusts, a series of those masked intruders and their house now is subject to house invasion. These masked intruders are carrying out orders coming from the mysterious cult head and they should try to survive that evening. This is one night each year and the world sees a very alarming surge with this violent home invasions and this is not a coincidence.

Writer’s Observation

For most part, this had been generally a very underwhelming genre effort. From those few positives, these are generally kept to professionalism and efficiency of the intruders. The appearance of the well-oiled and the intense unit is quite established well here giving that sense of eeriness with uneasiness while moving by the house.

Some of the scenarios relating to invasions with the crowd carrying out the orders while the kin tries to evade the team and this all come with the modicum of suspense. However, beyond the factors, there’s a bit worthwhile here. The majority of issues here stems from barely threatening sides of the invasion. The entire thought of the society carrying out orders are some kind of odd secrets that is totally unexplained and underwhelming. Every intel gathered here comes from the comically overwrought and recorded video messages that still stays incredibly vague regarding what is really going on, since the entirety invasion played-out in the house, and that unfortunately, is just enough to beat the flaws found at the pacing and the approach being taken here. Since movies depend on the timer for every activity to take place, there is nothing remotely interesting that took place for long stretches that presents the different teams waiting around for what will happen next. From the intruders that are waiting around outside that door to break in the bathroom during the house invasion, the sister which nobody knows is just there waiting in her bed for that spot to leave. This wife is literally ignoring everything that is around her and it lacks activity leaving long stretches of dullness for the viewers. Together with the totally rapid ending and the lame CGI for a lone kill present, everything make this movie not enjoyable and highly underwhelming.

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