Studio 666, 2022

The film is an American horror comedy movie of director B. J. McDonnell coming from the screenplay by Rebecca Hughes and Jeff Buhler, based on the plot by Dave Grohl. In the movie, the Foo Fighters transferred into the cursed mansion to have a record of the new album.

The Cast Lists

Foo Fighters:

Dave Grohl performed as – lead vocals, guitar

Rami Jaffee performed as – keyboards, piano

Taylor Hawkins performed as – drums

Nate Mendel performed as – bass guitar

Pat Smear performed as – guitar

Chris Shiflett performed as – guitar


Whitney Cummings performed as Samantha

Will Forte performed as Darren Sandelbaum

Leslie Grossman performed as Barb Weems

Marti Matulis performed as the Caretaker

Lionel Richie performed as himself

Jason Trost performed as Tech

John Carpenter performed as Studio engineer

Kerry King performed as Krug

Jeff Garlin performed as Jeremy Shill

Jenna Ortega performed as Skye Willow

Jimmi Simpson performed as Venue person

Story Outline

In the year 1993 Skye Willow, Encino, drummer of a heavy metal band the Dream Widow, has been crawling along a floor with her broken leg, closely followed by the frontman of the band, Greg Nole, who was then holding a hammer. Then, Skye saw the body of the other band member, who had his jaw brake by Greg, before then Greg drives a hammer in her forehead and then repeatedly hits her in the head with it and crushed her skull. Then Greg hangs himself from the window.

In the year 2019, these Foo Fighters—Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Rami Jaffee, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear and Nate Mendel were pressured by the Jeremy Shill, their manager to overcome the writer’s block and also to record the new album. The team then move in the mansion, wherein Grohl became fascinated with that house as their source of inspiration. Krug, One of their technical help was electrocuted by the wire and their band settled to dedicate the album to him.

Then Grohl finds the basement containing some satanic objects and was possessed by the demonic soul of Nole after listening to the demo tape. Under that demon’s control, Grohl forced their band to keep the production on their album. Later, Darren, a delivery man, who had earlier attempted to give Grohl the demo tape, was decapitated outside that manor by the unknown figure with the hedge clippers. The following day, as Shiflett was cooking on a grill, the similar figure pushed his face to it. Shiflett attempted to escape but then his head was smashed with a grill cover and was stabbed repeatedly in his neck, before a figure is disclosed to be Grohl.

Writer’s Observation

Lots of gore, lots of laughs, lots of bad performances, bad direction and editing, but despite that you will have lots of fun when you watch this movie. Grohl is really good the other members of the band are not that much.

To become picky, in the movie that isn’t meant to be that serious, it is a little bit long and that’s not how you’re going to wire a car! It is not known if some misguided individuals were expecting to just walk in to the polished, Hollywood good budget masterpiece, but that’s certainly not found here. The trailers have shown that. At times, the acting verges on cringe making awful, but then the thrills, gore and the kills were plentiful and, to sum it all, the movie is fun, even when it meander aimlessly.

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