The Doll 3, 2022

The film is an Indonesian ghost thriller movie of director Rocky Soraya. This movie is produced by the Hitmaker Studios and it is the trilogy of the movie, The Doll.

The Cast Lists

Jessica Mila performed as Tara Anindita

Winky Wiryawan performed as Aryan

T. Wicaksana performed as police adjutant

Zizie Zidane performed as Gian

Miranty Dewi performed as Tara, Gian’s mother

Montserrat Gizelle performed as Micah

Josef Kara performed as Tara, Gian’s father

Jeremy Thomas performed as Mr. Raynard

Sara Wijayanto performed as Mrs. Laras

Sri Yatun performed as Mbak Sari

Masayu Anastasia performed as Rere

Fuad Idris performed as Pak Min

Budi Gunawan performed as Shaman Jaya

Story Outline

The Doll

After a tragic accident which killed both the parents of Tara, now Tara only has a little brother named Gian who is the only member of her kin. However, the accident troubled Gian, to the extent that Gian had decided to end his own life. Tara had been very sad and decided to withdraw from her environment, which made her connection to her fiancé, Aryan, increasingly strained and it resulted in their supposed to be wedding plans have been postponed.

Tara, who wanted her sister to stay alive again, asked the shaman to summon the spirit of Gian. Finally, Gian’s the spirit handled to live in the doll named Bobby. Not like any other dolls in general, this Bobby dolls will move like human beings. Therefore, Tara is enthusiastic and really very happy about organizing her own life again. The truth is Tara’s relationship with Micah and Aryan, Aryan’s children from the previous relationship, had already improved. They can prepare for the wedding also.

Gian, who’s now inside the Bobby’s doll had always been sweet to Tara. But, at some times, Gian illustrated a very diverse attitude towards Micah and Aryan. Gian inside the doll does not like Micah and Arian and so he does some things that will endanger their lives, like trying to make the kids hurt until they just almost die. Gian have done this because he had been worried that Tara may leave him after being married to Aryan and then become the stepmother of Micah. Gian became increasingly unmanageable, because he had been affected by the negative energy from that sphere of death. Rere, Tara’s friend, tried to help Tara through contacting the two psychics, namely Raynard and Laras, who give Tara the instructions about how to halt Gian.

Writer’s Observation

Fully embracing the slasher nature, this movie might be its roundest film from their franchise because it doubled the gore and the blood with the lavish production values. Nonetheless, the film still suffered from some accidentally comedic moments or some sappy melodramatic scenarios courtesy of the silly script. However, it is fun to watch. And that is just enough for this type of movie.

The movie is usually gruesomely bloody and mean-spirited, though probably too self-conscious regarding the schlock origins – pretty yummy formula for the fun slasher. It is a total shame to the crashing down because of the extremely poor pacing of the movie, lack of character development and plot throughout the narrative’s course. The movie ended up as one more mind-numbing horror picture show.

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