Chandramukhi 2, 2023

This is an Indian Tamil-language horror comedy movie directed and written by P. Vasu. The movie is the sequel to the 2005 Chandramukhi. The movie star Raghava Lawrence performed in dual roles here.

The Cast Lists

Raghava Lawrence performed as Pandiyan and Sengottaiyan

Suresh Chandra Menon performed as the elder brother of Ranganayaki

Ravi Mariya performed as the elder brother’s son of Ranganayaki

Mahima Nambiar performed as Gaaja Lakshmi, love interest of Pandiyan

Ayyappa P. Sharma performed as Rudraiyya, the Sengottaiyan’s Mahaguru

Manasvi Kottachi performed as Ranganayaki Jr, granddaughter of Ranganayak

Lakshmi Menon performed as Divya

Y. G. Mahendran performed as Temple Priest

Vignesh as Ranganayaki’s younger brother

C. Ranganathan performed as Lakshmi’s father

Radhika Sarathkumar performed as Ranganayaki

Shatru performed as Vettaiyan

Mithun Shyam performed as Gunasekaran

Vadivelu performed as Murugesan

Jyothika performed as Ganga Senthilnathan

Subiksha Krishnan performed as Gayathri

Manobala performed as fake exorcist

Kangana Ranaut performed as Chandramukhi

Rao Ramesh performed as Guruji

Rajitha performed as Palace servant

R. S. Shivaji performed as Contractor Gopal

Cool Suresh performed as house servant

Srushti Dange performed as Priya

Sanjiv V performed as Kalam, Ranganayaki’s grandson

T. M. Karthik performed as Manager

Kaashvin Karthik performed as Sanjayan

Story Outline

Ranganayaki, the wealthy family matriarch navigated by the series of misfortunes along her family members. The household includes the elder brother, a son together with his family, the younger brother and also his family. She has four daughters also, out of which Divya, Gayathri, and Priya live with her. This family faces the major setback when the elder daughter elopes. A plane crash killed her and also her spouse. Further mishap includes the mysterious fire in the factory of their family and Divya being paralyzed in a vehicle accident, postponing the engagement. Seeking answers, Ranganayaki consulted Guruji, their family astrologer, who advised the prayer at their inherited temple in Vettaiyapuram. Their prayer required the presence of their whole family, including the elder daughter’s orphaned children, that is now under the care of Pandiyan. Although hesitant, the kin followed Guruji’s advice and headed to Vettaiyapuram.

Upon coming, they lease the Palace of Vettaiyapuram for 48 days from the current caretakers, Senthil and Murugesan’s uncle, and transmit in despite the warning of Murugesan against venturing to the southern area of the palace. Oddity leads Priya to the forbidden place, where she unwittingly released the spirit of Chandramukhi’s from the rangoli. Meanwhile, this family discovered the temple in ruins.

Then Pandiyan cleaned the temple, but the unfortunate turn of happenings leads to the fire breaking out in the temple premises. The fire inadvertently unleashed the spirit of Vettaiyan’s, much to the sadness of Chandramukhi that cause chaos to sweep by the palace. During his return, Pandiyan shared the unnerving reports with the family wherein Chandramukhi had possessed one fromt those ladies in their household. Murugesan revealed that the same incident had take place seventeen years prior.

Writer’s Observation

Kangana is no uncertainty is one of the few great actresses right now and so why Indian cinema is wasting her with such craps. This movie is another not so good film that you can watch and waste your time. You will want to watch this movie because of her, but will end up with dismay. She was one of those best actresses of this generation and if you a fan, you will see that her appearance is pleasing, but the others of the cast, it movie direction, writing and story was all crap.

As a fan, you have to bear with this movie when you watch it because the CGI is awful. The movie is terrible. The entire thing is absurd. The only good thing is vadivelu; however, the rest of the movie is nonsense. There had been things flying for unreasonable basis. The concept of the ghost wasn’t there at all. The movie screams is so loud, that is not really a horror concept.

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