Kill Her Goats, 2023

This is an American slasher movie that is produced, directed and written by Steve Wolsh. It stars Kane Hodder as the killer “Goatface”.

Kill Her Goats had been released on VOD or video-on-demand, 4K UHD and Blu-ray in March 2023. The movie was shot on the location in Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The filming happened in October 2015 and Ben Bornstein gave the gore and the practical creature effects for the movie.

Kill Her Goats had been released on Blu-ray and 4K UHD as the “limited copy” SteelBook set. The additional merchandise has included the soundtrack album and the Christmas ornament had been released.

The Cast Lists

Ellie Gonsalves performed as Missy Becks

Dani Mathers performed as Haley Bucklebee—Saint

Amberleigh West performed as Autumn Applebaum

Kane Hodder performed as Goatface

Arielle Raycene performed as Audra Bucklebee

Monica Sims performed as Reese Knox

Story Outline

Kill Her Goats

The graduation gift of Audra is her dream home, but it soon became a living nightmarish when some of those not invited guests came over to her homecoming gathering who are not really very subtle regarding the fact they do not approve of the new owner of the house.

Writer’s Observation

The movie had every element of the best slasher naked girls, the girls in underwear had been slashed, gore and blood, but there are no story development at all, just a reasonable looking naked girl who could not give that natural line when their lives will depend on it, let only the natural boob through the end of this film. The audience will surely ask what just happened to the plot of that Tupp house? Was it all about daddies money, when this is so, why even worry with the plot about the Tupp home and not take on with it, overall, it is nice to watch and a bit fun.

The opening scenario certainly sets the audience up for making them think you are in for a hell of the gory film. The murder of the pair of campers of the Goat Face and his giant, dual hedge trimmers, that gives plenty of bare skin and gores. It surely feels like you are back in the 1980s. After the launching kill scene, the movie turns to something that appears looks more like of the 1980s, T&A movie or the soft core porno instead of a horror movie. There are tons of shots of the ladies jumping on beds, whipping off their bikini tops, taking showers and bouncing down stairs, and which would not be bad excluding that this is alleged to be a terrifying movie and those scenarios are being shot in such a mild, by-the-number fashion that they cannot overcome the really terrible dialogue and acting. There is never any feeling of dread or suspense because these are terrible acting and unlikable characters that the audience does not really care about. As with the story, it is almost impossible to find out what is really going on. The movie has many flaws and overall, the potential of the movie had been there. It might have been an evil throwback to golden age of slasher. Unfortunately, the moviemakers constantly made bad decisions and squandered that potential together with the hour and a half of an audience time.

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