We Have a Ghost, 2023

This American supernatural comedy horror movie is both directed and written by Christopher Landon, from the short story “Ernest” of 2017 by Geoff Manaugh. It was released by Netflix and garnered mixed reviews from the movie critics.

The Cast Lists

Anthony Mackie performed as Frank Presley

Tig Notaro performed as Dr. Leslie Monroe

Isabella Russo performed as Joy Yoshino

Erica Ash performed as Melanie Presley

Steve Coulter performed as Deputy Director Arnold Schipley

Niles Fitch performed as Fulton Presley

David Harbour performed as Ernest

Scott Martin performed as Sheriff Brown

Jahi Winston performed as Kevin Presley

Jo-Ann Robinson performed as June

Tom Bower performed as Ernest Scheller

Jennifer Coolidge as Judy Romano

Faith Ford performed as Barbara Mangold

Story Outline

The Presleys purchased the abandoned and the cheap house. The youngest, Kevin, recorded the video of the ghost in an attic. The ghost does not recall his past life and is mute. The ghost’s shirt said ‘Ernest,’ so Kevin called him Ernest. Kevin was resolved to assist Ernest to discover his past life, while Frank, his father published a video of Ernest over YouTube to become popular. During high school Kevin met his neighbor Joy. Then they discovered a picture of Ernest posing together with Ernest S., the former house owner. Then Ernest had a flashback of his daughter.

The writer of horror Dr. Leslie Monroe that formerly ran the CIA program for taking ghosts breaks in the Presley house to capture Ernest along some several FBI agents, however, Joy, Ernest and Kevin have left already to look for Ernest S. at Oklahoma. Ernest S. identified the ghost to be Randy. He claimed that after the wife of Randy died, Randy left also June, his daughter with Ernest S. then disappeared. The CIA arrived at Oklahoma and then captured Randy.

Randy has the flashback of being slayed by Ernest S., then, Dr. Monroe freed Randy. In the mean time, Ernest S. arrived at home to kill Kevin, thinking that Kevin is avenging the murder of Randy. Ernest S. revealed that his wife had been infertile and they killed Randy so he can take June as their own. Then Ernest S. chased Kevin to their attic, where Frank tackled Ernest S. out in the window. Frank and Kevin reunited Randy with June, Randy moved on to his afterlife after that heartwarming farewell with Kevin.

Writer’s Observation

It is overly long that went on to some very chance places, but the movie is still a fun 1980s Amblin throwback which have lots of humor and charming moments that hits even more than it missed. The movie casts were all good with their undemanding roles which require them to goes through the usual motions and stereotypes and David Harbour had been obviously standing out with a hard job. He had to be totally innocent and emotive only by movement and he pulled it off effortlessly.

The direction is good, the movie had some fun set parts combined with the perfect songs to make it better and the entire earnesty of the movie wins you over through the end. The movie CG is not anything spectacular; however it is convincing enough and seldom pushed its own limitations.

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