Home for Rent, 2023

This is a Thai movie of director Sophon Sakdaphisit with the writers Tanida Hantaweewatana and also Sophon Sakdaphisit. The executive producers of the movie are Paiboon Damrongchaitham, Kris Eiamsakulrat, Jina Osothsilp, Boosaba Daorueng, and also Chayamporn Taeratanachai.

The Cast Lists

Nittha Jirayungyurn performed as Ning

Sukollawat Kanarot performed as Kwin

Taofa Maneeprasopchok performed as Nut

Sakchai Phansri performed as Fire Chief

Warawut Pangpanom performed as Firefighter

Penpak Sirikul performed as Ratree

Chanida Saejung performed as Teacher

Piranpatch Teawsakul performed as Prae

Narupornkamol Chaisang performed as Amm

Vikit Homerach performed as Firefighter

Thep Location performed as Security Guard

Kreangkai Kewvimarn performed as Security Guard

Thanyaphat Mayuraleela performed as Ing

Namfon Pakdee performed as Nuch

Pawarisa Surathin performed as Jaa

Pintira Singhaseem performed as Ning’s Mother

Nukul Srilasak performed as Firefighter

Suphithak Chatsuriyawong performed as Tom

Natniphaporm Ingamornrat performed as Aunty Phorn

Warissara Bumrungwach performed as the Hotel Housekeeper

Tatchapon Fangruk performed as the School Security Guard

Story Outline

When the new good tenants of a house become bad, they start to terrorize the happy little family owners of that house they are renting and the landlord finds herself being bullied. The cult was looking for the next prey that they are going to sacrifice and so they start disturbing and make strangeness and terror as renters and this cult seemingly has her spouse enthralled – and also her daughter in their sights. The daughter will be the present host for a desired spirit.

Writer’s Observation

This is inspired by the terrifying real events. Thai movies do provide a unique, creative and an interesting treat. This movie is just a proof of the many movies that gives a new experience when you watch horror films. The movie does not just give the plot of the secret sect that has been disguised in it, however, in terms of plots that have a very interesting story in it. This movie has a 2 hours runtime but the excitement can be felt after one hour of watching it. The intensity at the start of the movie is quite slow when introducing the conflicts and the characters. After an hour, the movie encounters an improvement in their plot and became the start of the movie climax.

Home for Rent presented a plot twist with a backward story to see from a diverse perspective. Not long enough then, the plot twist takes place again with the new angle. Then, it connects into the clear unity. Even in the finale of the movie and their climax still presents the unexpected plot. Their climactic scene provides the different ending. Moving, unexpected and shocking in the end became an ending that provides the sense of sincerity of the movie.

The movie gives a unique and an interesting mystical horror treat. It appears to be different from the plot in general. This movie is not just centered on how a sect will work, but on the sad drama. The movie is nothing but a real sad drama that is being wrapped in the mystical horror story. This movie had the great lineup of actors. They’re able to give stories that will make the viewers curious and will feel suspenseful.

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