The Bridge Curse: Ritual, 2023

The movie is a Taiwanese film under the direction of Lester His with Keng-Ming Chang as the writer from his original idea and with the other writers Po-Hsiang Hao and also Shih-yuan Lu. The movie producers are Chi Hsiang Chuang and also Po-Hsiang Hao.

The Cast Lists

Ning Chang performed as Hsin Chiao Chao

J.C. Lin performed as De Cyuan Ji / Wen De Ji

Summer Meng performed as Shu Yu Lian

Vera Yen performed as Bo Ru Meng

Boris Wang performed as Hong Jen Jiang

Tzu Hsuan Chan performed as Hsiao Li Shi

Po-Yu Shih performed as Kai Lien

Linus Wang performed as Shu Wen Yen

Yu-Xuan Wang performed as Yu Ting Lien

Story Outline

An architect disturbed the school during its construction and turned the school to supernatural entities. After years, an augmented reality terrifying game based on an er, university, that is rumored to be haunted, involved the dark rituals take place when the crowd of learners unleashed something very real and very sinister, the swarm of devil spirits into this world.

Said student who is dim-witted and the most character tested out the game on location. The real ghosts start layering with that AR gaming and hunting them through the school halls.

Writer’s Observation

There are a number of view points from the CCTV camera shots and the gamers’ equipments, and if this is being really like subjective shots will always be the best strategy to immerse the viewers and to turn up a horror quotient.

This movie soon left the idea behind to concentrate on the actual ghosts, which is really a shame because all things become much more strider at that point. Thanks to the visual dynamics that are replaced by the narrative ingenuity as the late twist shakes up the things and saves the movie…until the final revelation that had been really rushed to have that much impact, also the fact that if you have not watch the first film will surely not help. However, in the end, this movie is ok but it clearly had more potentials.

If you have watched the original one, you will be shocked to know that this had been touted as the remake and not the sequel. Initially, it barely had everything to do in the bridge from its first one, and so why have the same title? It first 29 minutes had been good and you will enjoy it, but the library scene of that four corners game, this movie ruined itself. There had been many special effects which ruined the tensions of this movie. When they just kept to that minimum bare effects and kept those tensions up then the movie would had been a really nice one, but they went with substances over styling and ruined everything, and after that the movie got even worse. The ending part was okay, screamed out and good for a sequel and hoped that when they do, they go to an original way and not a remake one. Overall this movie is a substandard one.

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