Tiger Stripes, 2023

The film is a Malay-language body terrifying movie of director and writer Amanda Nell Eu as her directorial debut movie. This movie had their world premiere during the Cannes Film Festival in 2023 of 17 May where it won its Critics’ Week Grand Award. A global co-production of about eight countries with Malaysia, the movie was chosen as a Malaysian entry for Best International Feature Movie during 96th Academy Awards. This movie was released in a Malaysia censored, and their movie director has disowned this censored edition of the movie.

The Cast Lists

Zafreen Zairizal performed as Zaffan

Deena Ezral performed as Farah

Piqa performed as Mariam

Fatimah Abu Bakar performed as headteacher

June Lojong performed as Munah

Khairunazwan Rodz

Shaheizy Sam performed as Dr. Rahim, the snake-oil exorcist

Story Outline

Tiger Stripes

Zaffan, the 11-year-old lass, starts to encounter some physical changes in her body the moment she was going through the puberty stage.

Writer’s Observation

Responses from the general people had been mildly positive however, lots of had been encountering how this is not one horror movie and there had not been that much scares to be frightened. It is more of the coming-of-age plot rather than a horror one and so for those that still did not watch this movie just bear that in mind. The movie won its Critics’ Week Grand Award and after watching the movie, you can the clear reasons why.

The movie director does a pretty nice job compared with the other debut plot regarding the coming-of-the-age set-up of the 12 year old lass who is going through some odd changes and instances with a gorgeous colorful camerawork, themes and atmospheres, sound designs, and good performance coming from the head actress. The Malaysian cinema is not usually discussed and barely films from their country and being aware of their background and culture, this movie does a really nice job on taking the setting, atmosphere, beliefs and culture with some appealing ballsy choices such as showing Malay girls’ about and discussions of periods. Throughout, the director was really good on dealing the narrative, sound, concepts and the atmosphere. While some concepts had been a little bit cliched of some horror tropes, the plot mostly worked.

Also, the performances here are pretty good since a child performance had been all solid. The resonance designs are good, their characters too, while a little bit thin, stays engaging and interesting to observe, and the plot has a great score. The movie had their horror themes being explored but admittedly, since the movie is more for a coming-of-aging plot, the horror elements did not feel that ambitious and strong sense as it should had been and with some of the noticeable bad CGI.

But overall, despite the movie flaws, you will find yourself still enjoying the movie because of the ambitious style, direction and the concept it took. Again, the movie is not the usual horror kind of movie that you will expect since it is more on the coming-of-age kind of movie.

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