A Deadly Invitation, 2023

This movie is a Mexican mystery and thriller film of director José Manuel Cravioto with the writers Javier Durán Pérez and Anton Goenechea and based in the novel by Carmen Posadas. The movie producers are Erik Barmack and Jimena Rodriguez with Alexis Fridman as the executive producer and Luis Enrique Granados as the line producer.

The Cast Lists

Maribel Verdú performed as Olivia

Regina Blandón performed as Agatha

Manolo Cardona performed as Cary

Aarón Díaz performed as Naram

José María de Tavira performed as Figue

Helena Rojo performed as Dona Cristina

Frank Maldonado performed as Padre

Paula Espinosa performed as 10 year old Agatha

Ryan Brophy performed as the voice of Naram

Stephanie Cayo performed as Sonia

Pedro Damián performed as Carlos

Juan Pablo de Santiago performed as Julian

Dustin Rubin performed as the voice of Figue

Story Outline

Agatha is requested to join Olivia’s yacht party, her sister, along with some other elite individuals. Agatha is the real-crime enthusiast and is running her own podcast. Over the yacht, Olivia revealed that one of the guests will not make it back into the shore and also that they’ll have to contemplate the lives up until as the boat ride can be their last.

When they are awaken up to the thud leading into the dead Olivia into the high seas, it’s up to Agatha if she can solve the secrecy and will catch the culprit and how she does it, will form in the rest of the plot.

Writer’s Observation

The movies get derailed once that on-the-screen death happened and it barely provides enough to buy to the mystery. And since the entire reveal was about giving what it needs, here is the analogy in this movie.

Forgiveness. It’s hard but being an audience, the moviemakers are forgiven for that bland product. For every talk about being able to forgive then move on, and among the characters, this come hard and late impact.

Freedom. The movie ended and the direct gut was, well Freedom. Not to compare it, but the weak writings made this movie a tiresome encounter, enough to feel the freedom once the movie ended.

Love. The moviemakers feel those bunches of casts they have are just enough to pull everything off in this story. But there’s a literal lack of connection between them, especially with Olivia and Agatha, who are sisters whereas, there’s a mention of losing a loved one which got them distant, however, the passing of Olivia hardly takes any emotions out from Agatha who at her best is a not professional crime enthusiast who is solving a mystery in the hackneyed manner. There’s sufficient love for this genre but there is nothing transcends on the screen.

Justice. The entire reveal has the movie a major aim. Give justice to those deserving. Sadly, the movie writing denied it as the revealing of it is even far from convincing and the manner of its narration, just complicates it even further, when being seen from a broader perspective, the crime had been pretty much over cut down as it’s and so were their main suspects.

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