Pizza 3: The Mummy, 2023

The film is an Indian Tamil-language thriller and horror movie of director Mohan Govind. This mark the third movie of the Pizza movie series, and it received average reviews and this movie had been considered an honest hit.

The Cast Lists

Raveena Daha performed as Ghost

Ashwin Kakumanu performed as Nalan

Pavithrah Marimuthu performed as Kayal

Gaurav Narayanan performed as Prem Kumar

Kaali Venkat performed as Dhaamu

Velu Prabhakaran

Sheimour Roosevelt

Anupama Kumar performed as Rani

Kuraishi performed as the Chef

Suruthi Periyasamy as Ghostbuster

Kavitha Bharathi performed as Viswanathan

Abi Nakshatra performed as Mitra



Story Outline

A man arrived at home with a Barbie Doll present for his daughter. His son finds also the camera. The husband pulls out the mini-mummy sarcophagus figure, the miniature resemblance of that of the King Tut. The wife jokingly told him that he’s taking much of these. Right after some moments of taking the Mummy statue out, electricity went out of the house. Then the wife lighted up candles inside the house, while their son is recording by the use of a camera. The daughter asked for the bedtime stories. When a dad tried to tell the Indian story about the elephant leg being in the mouth of a crocodile, the second son requested for the horror story. Then the father agreed, ignoring the protest of the wife. He told the story when he was still in his 11th or 12th grader year.

He was then playing basketball then a player had a stroke. In the past few days, the player passed away and some people said that the spirit goes to a basketball court and bounced the basketball. Then, the next son told the father that the people said that he pushed that player down, that cause his stroke. Then the father become worried at this remarks, makes his first son to stop recording and puts away that camera, and told the kids to now be in bed. After some hours, the singing toy oddly turns on. Then the father woke up and turned it off. Then the moment he went downstairs, he heard the sound of the ball bouncing. When he took the flashlight and looked at the mirror, he saw the image of their dead co-player that he pushed in a reflection, but saw nothing actually. After that, this player hits the father, and the father died.

The scene switched to the news program debating where four people debated if ghosts do exist or not. And among them is Kayal, the young app developer who claimed that she has made an app to talk with spirits. The live demo goes crooked. One from the debaters speaks up regarding the tiny mummy that was made by the Egyptian queen who filled all of the negative energies in the kingdom. Apparently, the mummy may raise negative energy to some days and is presently situated somewhere in Chennai.

Writer’s Observation

The movie is being structured in 3 diverse plots and that overall worked as the anthology that binds together at the end, but the issue is, the audience did not require much of their time with anything. A movie this kind of long felt forced and boring instead of giving some proper tension, mystery and jump scares.

There are some mysteries into it and there are lots of wannabe jump scare that is so overused and are copy cat from those Asian cinema that feels like you are back in year 2000 again. Being an Indian production, this does have those close-up, long shots, action scenarios that are way overly dramatic without any reason and there are lots of moments wherein you need to totally shut your brain because there’s no reason at all to what is really happening. To sum it up, this movie hangs a lot!

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