The 3rd Guest, 2023

This is an American film under the direction and writing credits by Sean Patrick Cannon. Cheverly Amalia and Raquel Tolmaire are the producers, while Sean Patrick Cannon and Kristifor Cvijetic are the executive producers with Kyle Nolan as a co-producer of this movie.

The Cast Lists

Matthew Clark performed as Hart

Annette Gromala performed as Halinka

Logan Laurel performed as Faith

Iris Liu performed as Karlov Victim

Chelsea O’Toole performed as Betsy

Terumi Shimazu performed as Mousy Woman

Nicholas Tell performed as Karlov Victim

Jason Bornstein performed as Hotel Manager Alessia Vernazza

Clint Carmichael performed as Arn

Nikki Kris performed as Evie

Joseph Lopez performed as Karlov

Spike Mayer performed as Spring Break Guest

Stephanie Pascaris performed as Nancy

Aleksandra Siepielska performed as Karlov Victim

Andrea Anderson performed as Margaret

Story Outline

A wife and a husband couple had goes on to a site for ghost-hunting team, although they are still mourning with about the passing of their daughter, and discovered that she began to encounter her own daughter in their most recent assignment.

Writer’s Observation

You know when there’s a vehicle accident on the street that you do not want to stare at, but cannot help it? It is a train wreck that you’ll peek at; however, you wish you didn’t. The movie “script”, if there one really, was directed and written by the similar person. It was confusing and erratic at the same time, as though he had spurting out the bunch of random thoughts from his head, and had no way to like the all together in the cohesive way. Absolutely obvious there had been no script editor, for if there was one, then, they are not doing their job well or they probably do not like what they are doing. It is to love what you do that will make it a great job and will give an excellent output.

The “acting” of the characters is more than abysmal-especially the bartender and the lead “actress”. The movie is way over the top. It will remind the audience of the kids in the elementary school playing. But the worse thing is that these people are seemed to be friends or family of people who had been involved in this movie. When a viewer will watch this movie, they will feel embarrassed for the actors, and that is how shy away worthy they had been.

Also, one of the biggest regrets for an audience is to not read any review before spending money and time on a movie. There are more exciting keynote arrangements than this movie, I’m telling you now.

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