Bayi Ajaib, 2023

Bayi Ajaib or Miracle Baby in the English translation is an Indonesian horror movie of director Rako Prijanto from the same movie name in 1982. This movie was produced by the Falcon Black and this Miracle Baby movie premiered in the Indonesian cinemas on 2023 of January 19. It is believed that this movie is a more suspenseful type of movie.

The Cast Lists

Vino G. Bastian performed as Kosim Nugraha

Willem Bevers performed as Albert Dominique

Adipati Dolken performed as Dorman

Sara Fajira performed as Laras

Dyah Susanti Ningtyas performed as Mrs. Ahmad

Dewi Pakis performed as Emak Atik, the midwife

Teuku Rifnu Wikana performed as Soleh Bacrudin

Rayhan Cornelis Vandennoort performed as Hadi Nugraha (Didi)

Davie Brahmanto performed as Ahmad

Banyu Bening performed as Aris, bodyguard of Ahmad

Cleydoria performed as Heti, mother assistant of Atik

Anantya Rezky Kirana performed as Rini

Derry Oktami performed as Ustad Yasa

Desy Ratnasari performed as Yuni

Feddy Siswanto performed as Mr. Ujang

Story Outline

A long time ago, Kosim suddenly became so rich right after finding the gems in Hirupbagja Village in the river near here. Kosim immediately get married with Laras and then lived a very wealthy life as a property owner.

When Didi, their child, was born, it driven out that her spirit had been haunted by Albert Dominique the murderous, grudge and an unholy spirit and also want to terrorize and crumble the villagers. Then Kosim tried also to cover up the fact because he had been running for office being the current village head.

Kosim should also be capable of defeating Soleh, who had takek the sympathy from the residents of the village. However, when this spirit turned to threaten the life of his family, Kosim decided to free Didi to that influence of Albert Dominique spirit. For this cause, Kosim should face Dorman, the dark shaman who wanted to take revenge of his great-grandfather over the people who shattered his life.

Writer’s Observation

Wow this is really an instant classic. The movie was filled with the best kills and jump scares and it is really excellent. The bathroom scene is a very favorable scene. The direction, story, and the casts were all great in their part. The little devil kid has played brilliantly his role and all the special effects had been all on point.

These should have been the kinds of movies that we need when we talk of the horror genres. Anyone who had watched this movie will surely love the ending part! The more jumping scares there are; the better for my opinion. There are so many good things to say in this movie and the movie is a highly recommend movie to watch. Check out this movie and you will say that this is one of the great movies of the year when horror genre is the classification, and as for me, this can be included in the top five horror movies for this year.

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