Fear, 2023

This is American horror thriller movie by director Deon Taylor, with John Ferry as the writer and Taylor as the co-written. The movie is originally entitled Don’t Fear, and was shot in seventeen days in California, in Kyburz, during the pandemic of COVID-19 in August 2020.

The Cast Lists

Joseph Sikora performed as Rom

Andrew Bachelor performed as Benny

Tip “T.I.” Harris performed as Lou

Terrence Jenkins performed as Russ

Jessica Allain performed as Meg

Iddo Goldberg performed as Michael

Annie Ilonzeh performed as Bianca

Ruby Modine performed as Serena

Story Outline

A much needed weekend vacation and a happy weekend turned into a sinister when the crowd of friends confronted their worst worries one by one, a contagious airborne threat.

The group of friends rented out the lodge in the core of a jungle to hangout. Little to their understanding, they will have to face all their greatest fears. The moment that they will not overcome them, then their souls might be gone forever and consumed by fear.

Writer’s Observation

The moviemakers clearly did not place any effort into this movie. The movie title is fear and so you will expect about scary stuffs. But, it is not just the movie title, since the script felt like they have wrote it just over the weekend, then, did not read it over again. It is so lazy, full of contrivances, poorly written, dangling treads, characters whose motivations are not evidently defined that come off both dull and annoying at the similar time. Like it is comical how bad it has been.

The thing that is more hilariously bad will be the performance. It is sure that most of them have never done these before. Most of the deliveries of the lines are so laughed out loud. The visual effects are also awful, unfinished and looks messy. Probably, it will explain why lots of killings are lame like hell.

The movie started off as a strong one, with a very interesting plot and also the storyline was just easy to follow. The idea of the movie fear is based on horror movie; however, it took less in 30 minutes to glide into being boring and nothingness. They did not follow the initial plot of the film, the acting had been all over its place, the logic had been absolutely nonexistent and the scenes clashed. Adding the abrupt religious savior complex in the end totally slayed. It ruined and came out nothing, and ruined the typical indie vibe. It had been bland and not original at all and appeared to follow a classic horror sequence.

Fear is unique that lots of things could have gone this wrong and all in this movie. Honestly, the movie is not really that scary. It is obnoxious and loud. In fact, some other words that you can use to describe the movie are dull and uninspired. Sad to say that the movie is a terrible movie and do not feel regret that you feel you missed something when you did not watch this movie, because you are not missing anything. This is not a recommended one if you are looking for something scary!

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