Hello Ghost! 2023

This film is a Taiwanese movie by director Pei-Ju Hsieh with Louis Chew as the associate director. The writer is Ching-wen Chou and the movie producers are Rita Chuang and TingAn Tung with Hoo Wee Tay as the line producer.

The Cast Lists

Jing-Hua Tseng performed as Ah Wei

Tsai-Hsing Chang performed as Smoker Ghost

Yi-ching Lu performed as Gossip Ghost (as Yi-Ching Lu)

Jia-Yin Tsai performed as Crybaby Ghost

Chun-Hao Hung performed as Rogue Ghost

Yu-Wei Shao performed as Xiao Yin

Story Outline

Hello Ghost

Sang-man started seeing the four ghost right after the failed try of personally taking his life and he come back with the haunting connection to the ghost through carrying out the ghost final wishes and seeking to fulfill them, and then, he rediscovered the real pleasures of life.

Writer’s Observation

This Taiwanese film is the remake from the South Korean movie with the same title, but it has been finished really well indeed. Everybody did a very superb task in this movie. There had been some adjustments from its primary version, but this one, everything really made sense and also the storyline ran really well. Without giving away the spoilers for those that have not seen this movie and also its original yet, this story is so heartwarming.

There is really nothing wrong with the remaking of movies for as long as its end product will be this good. But, there is also another remake edition made by Indonesian movie, but there are some sense that it lacks so much touching elements regardless that it was almost the carbon copy scenario by scene from its original. The plot is also great that it will make you cry. Almost every individual that will watch this in the cinema will be touched and will surely cry!

Most of the actors are placing their hearts to make their best in performing their roles. Each single move is heading to the unpredictable and unbelievable ending. The movie is a ghost film plus there is nothing horrible in it. It is a very touching plot and a fun story that you will see.

The movie turned out as a great movie. Its premise is done in a really fun and simple way, but in a manner that also handles to tug in the heart strings. In its comedy bottom is an astonishing sophisticated plot about loneliness, loss, grief, redemption, family, and finding the meaning in life right after the traumatic situation. The actor executions were all great and the female and male chemistry was great too, plus the supporting actors had been awesome too. The comedic conditions were hilarious and you will find yourself laughing out loud for several times. If you don’t have any idea of this movie, you will think that the plot will sound silly, but you will then figured out that it has been the best way to pass during the day. But, in the end, this turned out as a preferred movie. The movie happened to be as a thoughtful meditation on lots of the difficult sides of being mortal and human.

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