Mantra Surugana, 2023

This Indonesian movie is made possible by director Dyan Sunu Prastowo with the writers Budhita Arini, Dyan Sunu Prastowo, Ervina Isleyen and Raditya. Ervina Isleyen is the producer of this movie.

The Cast Lists

Sitha Marino

Cindy Nirmala

Arswendy Bening Swara

Rafael Adwel

Dewa Dayana

Shabrina Luna

Yusuf Mahardika

Tegar Satrya

Rania Putri Sari

Fergie Brittany

Messi Gusti

Mike Lucock

Story Outline

The story revolved around the new female college learner who arrived in the new dormitory, Tantri discovered soon that the dormitory is being filled with mysterious occurrences of the awakening of the ancient demon through the curse and incantation that still holds the connection to her personal past and linked with the odd disappearances of the fellow students.

Writer’s Observation

This movie is not just terrible, but it is also beyond that any movie goers should wish to watch. The particular girl in this movie had that horrible acting that has been named with three diverse names such as Asta, Tan and another one.

A moviegoer went inside to watch this movie with lots of hope since the Asians movie is really the killing horror movie, but this one was the major disappointment. The movie appears like it had been scripted by the twenty day old neonate and together with its feet. It had no storyline, and at the end you’ll just end up being confused. Whatever the actors, directors, and producers have done to see this movie as a good one, is really something strong that make them believe that this movie will work.

When you see this on Netflix, you will be triggered to watch it. But, support yourself for that ultimate boredom and guide clear of yourself with this junk when you decide to still watch this movie. Another dead typical horror and another dead boring movie, yet another riveting event of generic horror movie taken to you by those people who probably suffered from that severe FOMO (fear of missing out) and blindly hop on every terrifying bandwagon without the clue regarding crafting the decent fright fest.

This movie plot is also a spectacular disaster and the acting is something from the terribleness master class and grip tight for those jump scares that will pop up more inevitable than clockwork every thirty seconds. Also, the movie is an unconstructed film with the terrible acting. There are so many loopholes. The story of the movie jumps from A to Z in real fast. The moviegoers really hope that the directors and producers of this movie will make a really promising horror movie, just like with the other country such as Korea, Japan or Thailand. The best angle would be nicer, thoroughly select the casting too. The FML abruptly befriended with the two other girls in real quick during the following scenes, while before that, they did not know each other, and that is so weird!

To sum it all, the movie is not that scary at all, horror movie isn’t just about the appearance of ghosts, you also have to escalate the vibes and there are old Indonesian terrifying movies that you can watch and learn more from them, because really some of them had been great movies!

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