Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath, 2023

The movie Inhuman Kiss: The Last Breath or Sang Krasue 2 in Thailand is a 2023 Thai movie by director Paphangkorn Punchantarak with the post production producer by Supapit Chirattikanon. The movie is released by the Neramitnung Film. This movie is the sequel to the Inhuman Kiss film.

This Inhuman Kiss 2 had been released in Laos and Thailand 2023 of March 30, with subsequent releases to countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Cambodia. The reviewers for the news websites of The Standard & Beartai, and also with Thairath and the Daily News, complimented the production aspects of the movie particularly in the visual effects; however, it has been criticized with its screenplay, which they discovered inconsistent that lead to the unbalanced overall mood of the movie.

The Cast Lists

Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram performed as Cloud

Paul Spurrier performed as Dan

Joe Cummings performed as Father Augustine

Bhumibhat Thavornsiri performed as Anan

Krissada Sukosol Clapp performed as Noi

Chanya McClory performed as Sao

Story Outline

The movie follows how the half-demon woman and a guy with a very uncommon genetics fall in love with each other.

Writer’s Observation

They say that the original is still the best one, and I guess I have to agree with that, because this film clearly showed it. This movie plotline had been almost the same with the inhuman kiss first part. There are no big alterations and progress that has been made in the story of this movie. There is a very poor attempt to connect the two sides of the movie. This movie’s connecting storyline in between the two sides of the movie had been a disjoint as it can be.

However, the only thing that is consistent between these two movies parts were the character of Noi. This movie has the most unsatisfactory animation and ending part that you could ever watch. Without any doubt the inhuman kiss first part had been far better than this second part in every aspect of the story and the movie itself.

You will not get interested to see the other parts of the movie when you start it and sense that there is really nothing much to expect and wait here. As for me, do not waste your time watching this movie and this is really not a recommended movie to watch if you are looking for at least a good movie to relax your day, but, if you want to try, you can still see it and judge it for yourself!

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