Khanzab, 2023

This is an Indonesian horror movie by director Anggy Umbara with the story by Vidya Talisa Ariestya and Riza Pahlevi. The line producer was Indah Destriana, executive producer was Dheeraj Kalwani and Leesha Kalwani was the associate producer.

The Cast Lists

Tika Bravani performed as Nuning

Fuad Idris performed as Mbah Surwo

Munggaran performed as Ratman

Sabian performed as Ajik

Badriyah Afiff performed as Riri

Rizky Hanggono performed as Semedi

Yasamin Jasem performed as Rahayu

Arswendy Bening Swara performed as Pak Sentot

Sheryl Drisanna Kuntadi Sheryl performed as Rahayu Kecil

Vonny Anggraini performed as Bu Ajeng

Story Outline

After the father had been beheaded by the ninjas in the Banyuwangi ’98, Rahayu had been traumatized to a point where he discovered it hard to concentrate on the prayers he was doing because of the interference from a khanzab.

Writer’s Observation

In the Malaysia cinema there are so many cuts, maybe because this movie is rated pg13 rated. The movie may be better than the Makmum; however, it is still just a middling. The plot of the movie is just simple.

The movie on trailer is also misleading the audience. There are the same formula like the Makmum Credits with special makeup and effects on the ghost or the demon. It is quite scary and the lighting is also good even the scenes on the dark. A big kudos for it for this kind of movie from Indonesia, cause it can be said that this is not really a bad movie, but this is not also as great as the Pengabdi Setan aka the Satan Slave.

The one redeeming fact of it is the time screening, which stretches in a bit of 1 hour to 45 minutes. If you disregard the time screening, you will notice that it has no plot at all. It has a minor storyline that develops in the middle and connected a little bit into its main plot. The rest of the story can be seen that it is absolutely the same scenarios again and again. The movie is annoying and boring, until you will finally understand that this is everything that they can give. There is really no story and there is a scene that would finally work but for then, it is just a short time.

The story had been revised for a lot of times, and that is what makes it boring. But then the cinematography is their masterpiece and the color grading had been good as well. The actors acting was all but natural, there is nothing special and extraordinary to look forward to. For those curious audiences out there, good luck to you if you want to watch this movie and give it a chance, you can still, but this is a reminder to you that this movie, is just a swing then a miss, and it keeps repeating the same scenes over again.

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