Spirit Doll, 2023

This Indonesian movie by director Azhar Kinoi Lubis is made possible together with the writer Alim Sudio and with the line producers Fikri and Riko, Ary Ambiary as the producer and Manoj Punjabi as the executive producer.

The Cast Lists

Anya Geraldine performed as Dara

Zidni Hakim performed as Rafi

Elina Joerg performed as Jenny

Samuel Rizal performed as Darius

Ita Rahma performed as Zara

Mbok Tun performed as Mbok Rossi

Ega Wiji performed as Petugas Salon #2

Bismar Yogara performed as Wartawan #1

Yuyun Arfah performed as Dukun Laura

Anyun Cadel performed as Naravlog

Satrya Ghozali performed as Mbah Tayang

Suranta Purba performed as Sutradara

Jerio Jefry performed as Ronny Armada

Anantya Rezky performed as Embun

Lupeng Rasyid performed as Petugas Salon #1

Edy Triono performed as Wartawan #2

Pratito Wibowo performed as Sosok Iblis

Badriyah Afiff performed as Gendhis

Laki Ahmad performed as Wartawan #3

Annette Edoarda performed as Niken

Story Outline

After Dara Lazuardi, the renowned horror actress, encountered the haunted doll that has a resemblance with her dead daughter, she became convinced of its link to the spirit of her child, leading her into the spiral of foolishness as the others tries to intervene.

Writer’s Observation

Asian horror normally has its own thing and you will usually not expect much. Sad to say, the lack of financial support is always affecting its final product, and although there had been some incredibly little successful indie movies, it happens too seldom to tab for them. This movie at some point has bad effects, which in a way is expected, like the bad dialogue, the plot that seemed to be in total mess and the not so great castings.

It appears like a college movie to be honest, that was just being shot in a couple of days and then it is done. Initially the people that are there got the tasks and their first time director in a wheel. There is nothing positive to comment in this movie. The movie is just a repetition of the ideas that were taken on the huge screen many times a long time ago with a far better execution. Looks elsewhere, find a thing that is different and then try that.

For a horror film turned out as a dud. There was not anything horror about the plot or the movie events that had took place in their plot. And for those life-long horror devotees, then “Spirit Doll” had been merely a stroll in an open space. The movie does not even think of having any familiarity with the superstitions and folk lore in Indonesia which can help to make this movie more scary or interesting. The effects of the movie had been the mix nuts, because there are some CGI and special effects that appears dubious whereas others looked good.

Sorry to say that the rating for this movie landed on a generous 4 out of the ten stars. This movie is watchable for a single time; however, it does not have that content to support many viewings.

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