Memorial Day, 1999

Memorial Day is a film that is also called as the Memorial Day Killer that has been a slasher movie of director Christopher Alender with the writer Marcos Gabriel.

Cast Lists

Marcos Gabriel appeared as Leo

John Hayden appeared as Trevor Daniels

Derek Nieves appeared as Seth

Jasmine Trice appeared as Reagan Childs

Martine Shandles appeared as Tyra Scott

Andrew Williams appeared as Mickey

Therese Fretwell appeared as Rachel

Erin Gallagher appeared as Cindy

Peter Marsha appeared as Stalker Voice

Bill Orr appeared as Newscaster

Adam Sterritt appeared as Jeremy

Dave Smith appeared as Stalker

Randy Weinstein appeared as Man


Memorial Day

The evening before Memorial Day, Trevor and Tyra were stabbed to their death in their house by the cloaked figure in the white and black papier-mâché mask. On the following day, Rachel, Leo, Rachel’s cousin, and their 5 friends (Mickey, Cindy, Jeremy, Seth, and Reagan) head to the Memorial Lake Campground during their first time ever since Rachel’s adopted the brother Danny by accident drowned there 3 years ago. After attaining the camp and then set-up, the crowd drink around the campfire and told the ghost stories, although Seth went back to their cabins to view in the television, and catch the news casting mentioning the killings of Trevor and Tyra, that had been supposed to come on the trip. Then, Seth rushed back going to the others, then told them about what really happened to Tyra and Trevor, just as the booby trap launched the spear into Jeremy, murdering him, and scattering their group.

Then Seth tried to steer to safety, but then flows out of gas, is being confronted by a killer, who transmits a guy he had earlier taken out to inform Seth to be out of the car. Seth refused to be out, so the murderer persuaded him through shooting the hostages. Back in the camp, Mickey beats a masked man using the baseball bat, then unmasking him afterwards to find out it was Seth, someone that was gagged and then had his hands being tied together. The murderer attacked Reagan, killing her through forcing her to creep across the razor blades whereas he beat her with the hot piece of the rebar. Then, Cindy was shot, and then Mickey is being tortured to his death with a knife, fish hooks, and nails.

Leo and Rachel regroup, and the hysterical Rachel blamed herself for all the things that had happened, admitting that she had been the one who took Danny out of the boat that evening he drowned. It caused Leo to expose that he is a killer, and then Danny (the biological brother) had been “talking” to him, commanding him to avenge the death by killing everyone being involved in it. Leo tried to murder Rachel, but then she shoots him by using his own gun, then revealed before she does and so that she intentionally drowned Danny, whom she hated.

You know that the movie is going to become terrible when you had the horrible premonition that at the single pound coin you’ll hand over a counter in a pound shop is really that much for one movie.

Writer’s Notion

The actors acting may be forgiven if there is probably one more redeeming feature laying about a movie somewhere – and so let’s turned to the gore. When this is being compared with some of the other older slasher flicks, it is one really tame. There is the nice torture sequences in the film, but lots of this movie is in almost utmost close-up, and so not only you’re getting to witness lots of bad complexions, you don’t also get to witness all things mainly cool, because a camera is being zoomed in really close.

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