Outpost, 2008

The film is a British war terrifying movie of director Steve Barker with the writer Rae Brunton, about the rough crowd of experienced mercenaries that find them fighting for their own lives after hiring to take the oddly businessman into the forest to locate theWWII-era military bunker.

Cast Lists

Julian Wadham appeared as Company agent, Hunt

Richard Brake appeared as US Marine Corps, Prior

Paul Blair appeared as French Foreign Legionnaire, Jordan

Brett Fancy appeared as Russian Alpha Group, Taktarov (“Tak”)

Enoch Frost appeared as Belgian Peacekeeper, Cotter

Julian Rivett appeared as Yugoslav military, Voyteche

Ray Stevenson appeared as British Royal Marine Warrant’s Official, DC

Michael Smiley appeared as British Army Parachute Brigade, McKay (“Mac”)

Johnny Meres appeared as German SS (Schutzstaffel) Official (“The Breather”), Brigadeführer Götz


In the seedy bar in the city ravaged by the war, the businessman and the scientist Hunt hired the former Royal Marine that turned mercenary D.C. to assemble the crack group of ex-soldiers – Jordan, Cotter, Voyteche, McKay, Taktarov and Prior, to protect him with the dangerous journey into no-man’s land. The mission is by scoping out the old military bunker within Eastern Europe, probably in Kosovo. Voyteche, also one from the mercenaries, claimed that there is not anything important situated in a place they are heading on. As the mercenaries approached the destination, they perceived the sounds of the fighting off the case; fighter jets passed overhead, and the artillery may be heard too. As they are making their way from the woods the intense burst of the static knocks out of the radio communications. A mercenary speculate as to whatever their job will be and why they had been hired.

Reaching the destination, the group discovered that a location is the seemingly abandoned bunker compound. Leaving two of the mercenaries, Taktarov and Jordan, in above the ground to view their backs, the others from the group fans out, and start to explore that outpost. Above the ground, Jordan notices a flash of light coming from the tree line. The two mercenaries assumed that it is the sunlight that is flashing off the scope and then open the fire, causing the others of the group to come and race back up to the top. One more burst of static has been heard over the group’s radio, and abruptly the radio operator McKay was wounded. D.C. realized soon that it does not seem like anybody is really out there, as a shot fired in reply was the one that wounded McKay. Taktarov, the one that continued to fire the D.C. ordered the stop, was sent out into a tree line just in order to verify the blood and the body. He returned after a minute to report that there had been no sign of the shooter— no blood, no bodies, not even shell coverings to indicate anybody had been there.

Then the mercenaries goes back to work to explore a bunker; despite it apparently having been forsaken for decades now, they discovered the little modern metal necklace of the crucifix dangling in the forgotten spot of a bunker. Locating a bunker’s generator, Hunt and D.C. goes to work to restore the power. In the mean time, McKay and Cotter discovered the area filled with corpses and were horrified when the arm suddenly shoots up from a pile of corpses. Then, they frantically phone Jordan, the group’s medic. D.C. left Prior to secure Hunt whereas he and Jordan contest to the scene, then start tending to a survivor, Götz.

Writer’s Notion

The outpost movie is quite surprising, and it will mean in a nice way. When you had the opportunity to see this movie, just sat down without having any expectations. You will figure it out later that it would be the typical B movie having that horrible acting, but you will be wrong. The initial ten minutes of the film will had you convinced that it could be even better than anticipated.

The cast were mainly from UK that was nice to witness see them all performing different roles. One of the fine things about this movie is its setting. You will really get the feeling for the war torn state and a bunker itself seemed rather eerie. The actors did the greatest acting job to really see some correct firefights for once that was realistic and nice. The Mercenaries acted within the team, phoning out when they’re shifting, setting, reloading and then giving off data that would assist the ream to move to cover. Nice touch! The real story was really too, but I will not ruin that here. Mainly, it’s mixture of action and horror with so many expectations. The director deserves credit for being capable of making lots of things believable, and also putting together a story to something that is not a real mess.

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