Seven Horror Movies To Remember Memorial Day According To Year

Memorial Day is the federal celebration in the US to honor and mourn the military personnel that have died while in their performance of military duties serving in the Armed Forces and the like in the United States. This holiday is being observed every last Monday of the month of May.

Now, Memorial Day is just a few days (May 31) away and what is another best way there to commemorate those who have given themselves for the betterment of all’ United States is by watching some horror flicks. There are not so many Memorial Day movies to select from that are in the horror genre, but here are a few of them. So if you’re looking for another way to celebrate Memorial Day, slap on your leisure pants of the American Flag and take the gander with some of these horror flicks!

7. Ghosts of War, 2020

This is a supernatural horror movie that is about the World War II. There were five American soldiers that were ordered to hold the French castle previously occupied by the Nazi high command. The assignment spirals to madness when a crowd starts encountering inexplicable happenings as their reality transformed into the twisted nightmare more horrifying than anything being watched on the battlefield.

6. Armed Response, 2017

The rained operatives locate themselves trapped in the isolated military complex after the artificial intelligence has been suddenly shut down. They started to experience there some horrific and odd phenomena.

5. Tank 432, 2016

The mass of soldiers is being forced to cover out in the abandoned tank during the time that they come under harass from the unseen enemy. When the forces outside starts to close in, these men realized that the actual enemy is among them.

4. Navy Seals vs. Zombies, 2015

The team of the Navy SEALS rapidly discovered that they are facing the increasing mass of zombies when they’re sent into the city in Louisiana in finding the vice president right after the contact is lost.

3. Outpost, 2008

In the world-weary team of mercenary soldiers in the Eastern Europe during the WWII, the mysterious businessman hired the group of mercenaries over the routine mission in protecting him of not knowing about the long-hidden top secrets that lies there.

2. Memorial Day, 1999

Memorial Day

Rachel did not sleep for a moment she was haunted by some nightmares of the days. Some few years ago, her brother had been mysteriously murdered while she and the horde of friends partied at the lake side. After three years, she and her buddies must go back to the similar lake to put the nightmares at last to rest, in coming to hold with what happened. In admitting that it was an accident, but somebody is ahead of them. Someone that knows the truth and someone that wants revenge. As the night descends on the Memorial Day getaway, every individual should face the unstoppable murdering machine with the serious hatchet to lay to rest. As the body counted rises, Rachel should find out whose face lies at the back of the murderous mask. Is this someone stranger from the woods? Or is this someone she knew? This Memorial Day, those screaming will not stop until its last body drops.

1. Memorial Valley Massacre, 1988

The newly opened campsite has been terrorized by the primitive young man that starts killing the campers to defend their territory. While the new crowd of campers commemorates Memorial Day weekend in this new campground, wherein they don’t know about the horror waiting for them instead of the cheerfulness they planned. The violent, strange valley hermit starts the rampage of destruction and death on a camper for polluting the valley. The movie is under the direction of Robert Hughes

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