The New Daughter, 2009

The film is an American horror movie and this is the attributed directorial debut of a Spanish screenwriter named as Luis Berdejo. This movie is based on the little story of the similar name of John Connolly. It narrates the tale of a novelist and together with his two kids who encountered the malevolent presence during the time that they transferred to the house in a state adjacent to the burial mound.

Cast Lists

Kevin Costner acted as John James

Margaret Anne Florence acted as Alexis Danella

Gattlin Griffith acted as Sam James

James Gammon acted as Roger Wayne

Sandra Ellis Lafferty acted as Mrs. Amworth

Samantha Mathis acted as Cassandra Parker

Guy Perry acted as Alpha Creature

Erik Palladino acted as Officer Lowry

Noah Taylor acted as Professor Evan White

Ivana Baquero acted as Louisa James


John James, the recently divorced novelist, transferred to a very old house within the rural South Carolina together with his Louisa, her teenage daughter, and also Sam, the young son. Louisa and John’s relationship is strained. Louisa accused him of having not loved her mother that ruined everything. During the first night of the family in the old house, Louisa was hearing odd noises from outside of their bedroom window. She was not seeing the humanoid creature lurking from outside on their roof. The next day, while exploring with the surrounding forest and fields, the kids came across with a big mound. Louisa was instantly attracted into it; however, Sam is reluctant in going near it. In the town, John learnt that the house is locally unpopular for the vanishing of the lady that dwelled there. Upon going back home, he locates Louisa’s cat injure near by the house.

Louisa goes back to a mound after school, while he was relaxing under the sunshine, hearing odd noises. As Louisa heard what sounds like coming animal growls, the movie jump-cuts where John cut his hand while he was washing dishes. That evening John locates the trail of muddy footprint heading from an open front door into a bathroom. Louisa was inside the bathroom with her door locked, taking a seat in the tub as a shower washes her totally muddied body. This muddy water is being shown and turning red with the blood as it reached the drain. Then later that evening, John saw Louisa sleepwalking. But, when he took her back to sleep, he locates the odd doll composed of straw, inside which has been a dark ball that contains the live spider. The following morning Louisa goes down to have her breakfast, she was wearing a make-up and clothe in a short black outfit. When John asked her about a certain doll, she claimed that did not saw it.

Louisa is being bullied by one preppy girl while in the staircase during school time. In the meantime, at their house, John came across with the pile of muddy clothe in the bedroom. During the investigation from outside of the house, he locates Louisa’s doll’s head at the mound, with the bloody remains from the blackbird. John was called to come so he can take Louisa home, for she was not feeling well. In the hospice he passed the preppy girl that apparently “fell” down the school stairs and then injured her arm. Cassandra, the teacher of Sam, gives John the phone number, giving her friendship. He then later became startled to discover the nest of the spiders inside the kitchen drawer wherein he’d placed a straw doll. That evening, John saw Louisa coming out from the forests, although he had formerly ordered her to come home by dark. John calls the attention of the scarring visible on a skin around the neck of Louisa, but she storms off without any explanation. During dinner she ate in the animal-like manner, like as if she was starving.

Writer’s Notion

Costner was the greatest strength of the movie. He brought the famous presence to this film and he played that part of the rising concerned and confused father quite well. Gladly, the movie avoided to go for another cliché – even though there haves been opportunities, there were no romance introduced in the movie for Costner. With the most part, a concentration of the tale stayed pretty much on the strained connection with his daughter with the increasing concern for the well being of the daughter. The children in the movie weren’t amazing, however, they also did not detract from a story in the way that some child actors will. They were believable.

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