Top 4 Horror Movies With A Father’s Theme For Your Father’s Day Bonding

Fathers, their spot in our existence is as mixed as their file in the horror movies. Sometimes they are absent and there are times that they are ruining our lives. After a careful observation, the father’s place in a horror genre will not usually be the role of the savior, or when they are it is the duo partnership with the wife. There are lots of fathers that are relegated to the role of not considering a teenager or even attempting to murder their teenagers, and so, it is thought to sing a song to those unsung savior horror fathers out there. They are doing all that they can to rescue their kids and all else be ruined.

Here are the top 4 horror movies to watch with your father and be terrified together:

1. The Wailing, 2016


The bumbling policeman has been drawn into the forbidding mystery afflicting the village, but when a sickness appeared to have extended to his own child where he should fight devils and apparitions to save the life of her daughter and his own. The policeman is not that great on the force, the truth is, he’s probably the lesser useful as he is simply scared and not mainly forceful, but he is the loving father who would do everything for his daughter. This South Korean movie itself is the ride of clean terror with a great camera working and a lusciously complicated central mystery. Notice the sacrifices of the father for his daughter where you will be left breathless.

2. Train to Busan, 2016

This movie of Yeon Sang-ho gives a dedicated father into the big screen. Seok Woo was bringing his only daughter to Busan so he can see her mother. The father and daughter relationship of Seok Woo is a bit tensed, but he clearly loved his daughter, despite of being constantly on-call with his work. Then, the rabid zombie infection breakout and the martial law had been declared. Stuck on the train with none to stop, the train passengers should do everything that they will to protect them and Seok Woo should go to extremes in rescuing his daughter’s life. The movie is an action film packed with the best zombie designs and there will not be dried eyes in the house if you will see how much this kind of father is more willing to sacrifice.

3. The Devil’s Candy

The movie is under the direction of Sean Byrne. A painter, Jesse Hellman, must rescue his daughter’s life from satanic energies that want her deceased in their new house. Facing the form of demonic influences himself Jesse is not always the finest father, but his love that is overwhelming for his daughter proved to be real. The movie is extremely on the metal rock and presents the unconventional family instead of the typical suburban kind in the most horror. His daughter Zooey and Jesse are really a family that may keep you searching for them.

4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Having a minimal cast, this movie of André Øvredal, the Swedish director, ended up being the tale of the father and the son versus a malevolent spirit of the witch. Austin and Tommy Tilden run the mortuary and since Austin had grown disinterested with the profession of his father, he always help-out when needed. During the evening that the movie took place the oddly Jane Doe body dragged him to postpone the date with the girlfriend… indefinitely. Austin and Tommy spend the movie attempting to fend-off with the haunting to Jane Doe’s and Tommy makes lots of sacrifices for his son’s sake.

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