Come to Daddy, 2019

The film is a comedy horror movie by director Ant Timpson. The movie anchors its brutal fighting in an amazingly mature approach to provoking themes.

Cast Lists

Elijah Wood appeared as Norval

Martin Donovan appeared as Brian

Michael Smiley appeared as Jethro

Stephen McHattie appeared as Gordon

Garfield Wilson appeared as Ronald Plum

Ona Grauer appeared as Precious

Madeleine Sami appeared as Gladys


Norval Greenwood is a privileged musician that still stays in the Beverly Hills mansion with his mother, and received the letter from his separated father requesting him to come to visit him. Norval, had not seen his biological father ever since he was 5 years old, creates a trek to the secluded cabin overlooking this coast in Oregon. Brian, his father, has initially welcomed him, but soon starts to display aggressive behaviors, taunted and insulted Norval, even frightening him with physical cruelty. All this came to a head in one afternoon when Noval was attacked by Brian with the meat cleaver, however, in the ensuing resist; Brian had a heart attack then immediately dies.

Because of lack of space in the area morgue, Norval was forced to keep the body of his father in the cabin together with him right after having it preserved. He tries to stay in the house long enough for his own mother to come, to take him, but is constantly awakened by the loud sounds coming from somewhere underneath the house. Seeing a hidden photo album of their family, Norval saw the photo of his real father and then realized that the deceased man now is not his real father at all. Then, he locates a hidden hatch inside the house heading for the bunker underneath, where he locates his real father chained up and bloodied. On the orders or his father, he tries to kill the man, Jethro, who arrived to suffer his father, but then Jethro escapes, and promising revenge.

Then after finally setting Brian free, Norval was forced to bring him upstairs inside the house. Brian revealed to Norval that right after leaving him and also his mother, he takes flight back to Bangkok, wherein he and the crowd of three other guys – Jethro, the large man named as Dandy, and Gordon, the one pretending to be the father of Norval – abducted the daughter of a rich guy in Thailand and effectively held her for that big ransom. Brian goes back to the group with the shares of the ransom money and had been on the rush ever since, funding his mother and Norval’s expensive way of living with the money. Then Dandy arrived at the house, tries to kill Norval, however, Norval stabbed him in the genital in many times with the barbecue fork, then suffocated him with the plastic wrap before finally beating him to his death with the others of the roll.

Writer’s Notion

The movie was really a very funny movie to watch. Elijah Wood did a great job in selling his acting as the privilege adult. It did an excellent work, grasping the attention during the first act, although it seems to gradual in the second. A third act that has successfully ramped the back up and it is where the film shines as an over the top goriest it is. There had been some suspenseful scenes which may keep you glued and invested to the screen, plus there are some few interactions in between the characters where they will provide you some of the laughs to ease its tension with the rest of you watching the movie. This is a really fun movie to see and definitely a good one to recommend.

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