Darlin’, 2019

This feature film directed and written by Pollyanna McIntosh, and this is being described as “a social matter horror film”. This is a 2011 standalone sequel to the Lucky McKee movie The Woman, wherein which McIntosh plays in the title role.

Cast Lists

Lauryn Canny appeared as Darlin’ Cleek

Mackenzie Graham appeared as Bug

Pollyanna McIntosh appeared as The Woman

John McConnell appeared as Dr. Grant

Nora-Jane Noone appeared as Sister Jennifer

Jeff Pope appeared as Clown

Cooper Andrews appeared as Nurse Tony

Bryan Batt appeared as The Bishop

Damon Lipari appeared as Robert

Sabrina Gennarino appeared as Charity

Thomas Francis Murphy appeared as The Cardinal

Alexa Marcigliano appeared as Socket Cleek

Maddie Nichols appeared as Billy

Geraldine Singer appeared as Sister Grace

Lauren Ashley Carter appeared as Peggy

Eugenie Bondurant appeared as Mona


At the ending part of the previous movie, Darlin’, Socket and Peggy, Cleek joined the feral ladies to live in the wilderness. Many years later, Socket and Peggy are gone, while this now teenage Darlin’ had developed that feral personality. Then, one day, Darlin’ has been discovered by the civilization and has been taken to the hospital, then the Catholic boarding school named as St. Philomena’s, where a staff and the other students tried to civilize her. The nurse with the name Tony, who had been the primary one to locate and befriend her tried to search for her, but has been repeatedly turned out of the school because of being gay.


Although she has forgotten to speak, she has been renamed as Darlin’ right after the name she wore on her wrist, a bracelet. She gradually regained her ability to talk and be friends with some of the other students, particularly with the trouble-making tomboy called as Billy, but had the trouble adjusting to the modern life and has been disturbed by the teachings about the Devils in school. A greedy bishop tried to use her for fortune and fame. Finally, the feral lady entered the city and killed everybody in her path just to retrieve the adoptive daughter Darlin’, although she befriends the crowd of homeless prostitutes.

Their bishop is one pedophile who normally preys on the gals and also had preyed on Jennifer, the school’s Sister when she was still a child. He tried to seduce Darlin’, but only to find out she is pregnant that time. She revealed that Peggy, her sister, died in childbirth right after having the stillborn child that made Socket to run away. After some more months, she and the lady captured one hiker, and they make love before the woman slays him. The lady made her go into civilization so that there will be the chance that she could give birth to the baby safely. But, because of the teachings of the school and what takes place to Peggy, Darlin’ believed the baby in her tummy is a Devil, and repeatedly pleaded with God to rescue her. When Darlin’ had about to receive the First Communion, she attempted to either suicide or induce a miscarriage through drinking the bleach, but everything it does is just made her sick. Throughout the ceremony, Sister Jennifer played the recording of a bishop confessing about his crimes, which made some people to walk out in disgust.

Writer’s Notion

“Darlin'” is not the same with the first two movies of Jack K. because this one is all a bit disappointing at its best. The script is just lazily written and played it ‘safe’ most throughout time, although the cast are all fine with their acting.

If you’ll not really care for those cast in the movie, then the story will just be boring within half of the hour. The gore is just mediocre and not really convincing at all including the dangling rubber knife that sticks out of the helpless victim.

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