Sweetheart, 2019

This is kind of another American survival horror movie by director J. D. Dillard with himself as one of the writers, together with Alex Hyner and Alex Theurer.

Cast Lists

Kiersey Clemons appeared as Jenn

Andrew Crawford appeared as the Creature

Benedict Samuel appeared as Brad

Emory Cohen appeared as Lucas

Hanna Mangan-Lawrence appeared as Mia


After the boat sinks during the storm, Jennifer Remming cleaned ashore the tropics, small island with her buddy Brad, who died from his injuries shortly after. While discovering the island, Jenn discovered the belongings and the graves of the family that formerly lived there. She buries Brad’s corpse later in the sand, however, discovered it savagely consumed and mutilated in the next morning.

The following day, while retrieving the newly surfaced luggage, an ominous hole was discovered by Jenn in the floor of the ocean. That evening, Jenn failed to flag down the airplane using the flare gun and encountered the two-legged, giant sea monster. During the following four nights, Jenn handles to hide from a monster while attempting also to catch and to kill it. When Jenn prepares during the fourth night, the dead body of one more mutual friend, Zack, washed ashore mutilated and then bisected. Jenn then later used his body as tempt, seeing the monster evidently for the primary time. During her fifth try, Jenn slept in the makeshift hammock in those trees to observe the coming of the monster. When the hammock dropped down, Jenn stabs a creature with the sharpened stick and then narrowly escapes.

The following day, Jenn has been reunited with her lover Lucas Griffin and buddy Mia Reed right after the two washed ashore in the lifeboat. Jenn warned Lucas and Mia with regards to the creature, but then they dismiss the claims. Later, Jenn discovered Lucas’ pocket knife bloodied. During that time that Jenn makes that desperate trial to flee without these two, Mia then knocks her out by a boat paddle. Jenn Later, regained consciousness, locates herself tied up, then, tried to defend her doings. Mia revealed past fabricated lies of Jenn, including one with regards to being mugged just before the trip of the group. When Mia left, Lucas hints to participate in Zack’s demise. But, before Jenn will ask what really happened to their buddy, Mia has been attacked by a monster. Lucas left Jenn occupied to fight it to him, but failed to rescue Mia, who has been dragged in the water.

Writer’s Notion

It was pleasantly surprising that this monster movie did it perfectly. The lead star was really good. Jenn held the film down all by her. Not to say she was not bad on eyes, but a really pretty woman. The movie has a good script with great visuals. How they held back is really amazing at showing this monster until closer to its end.

Glad blumhouse took chances on these types of movies that will keep you interested. Congrats to the entire cast and crew because this movie is really an entertaining one and a big applause to everyone.

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