The Gallows Act II, 2019

The movie is an American found footage and supernatural horror movie directed and written by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing. This is the sequel of the movie The Gallows of 2015. It has been in October of the same year in cinemas, on demand and digital through Lionsgate. The same with the initial movie, critical reception for this The Gallows Act II movie had been predominantly negative.

The principal photography on this movie started in October 2016, by filming places, including the College of Law in San Joaquin. Right after filming and the post-production had been completed, the special early screening of the movie was in August 2017, and it took place in the WB Lot in California, in Burbank, for the fans aging from 13 to 25. The movie was released on the 2019 of October in theaters, but unlike the first movie, Warner Bros. and the New Line Cinema had no involvement with a sequel.

Cast Lists

Ema Horvath appeared as Auna Rue

Stefmerie Halstead appeared as Empress

Chris Milligan appeared as Cade Parker

Jono Cota appeared as Victor

Jener Dasilva appeared as Nick

Dennis Hurley appeared as Mr. Schlake

Anthony Jensen appeared as Scott Lamont

Erika Miranda appeared as Lex

Charles Chudabala appeared as Stage Hand

Brittany Falardeau appeared as Lisa Rue


After the aspiring actress, star Auna Rue transferred to the prestigious new acting school, her desires had been twisted right after participating in the viral challenge able of conjuring the malevolent spirit.

Critical response

With the sum of 13 votes over Rotten Tomatoes, the movie presently had a 0% rating. The New York Times, Glenn Kenny called it “the thoroughly commonplace follow-up”, and then criticized the lack of logic of the movie. Justin Lowe from this “The Hollywood Reporter” tendered similar criticism of the movie, writing that the script of “Lofing and Cluff” blends the thriller and the horror elements without the need to ever settle on the clear genre choice. This surprising final twist of the movie only serves to stress its narrative incoherence, inadequate character development and precipitated by the deficient back story. The movie was given the thumbs down, and then calling it as one worst movie of Blumhouse, and then criticized the shallow characters, the story, the script and the overuse of the jump-scares in the movie.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is really a slow film, quite few jump scares, however, ones that you will see coming from the mile away. It has a barely cohesive story and the play of its initial movie had become an online dare (yet somehow no one has noticed that everybody died from it.) This movie is not impressed by trying to millenialized the story of the movie, through making it a social network-based. The movie does nothing for a story and it is already been completed in a million times.

There are no more deaths, not much reasoning or explanation behind anything, but just by “reading this will kill people.” The characters are somewhat crappy with some first world problems.

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