Top 5 Horror Movies About Sons And Their Fathers

Traditionally, the father and son connection in the movies are being portrayed in the family dramas with going to the ball game, bonding over their expected similarities and the long days fishing. Those things are all good and well, but nothing test the familial bond of the father and son just like being rough against the supernatural devil or even the devil within.

The genre of horror is filled with the families being tested, reunited, ripped apart, or there are over a few movies of father-and-son connections at their core. The madness, monsters, and dysfunction are in the forefront of the great horror movies of fathers and sons.

Here are the five horror movies of father and son

What Josiah Saw, 2021

The dark psychological horror movie of Vincent Grashaw is the quintessence of a phrase “the bad time.” What did Josiah Saw tell a story of the dysfunctional family that split apart, each of them dealing with their individual own traumas before coming as one in their family farmhouse of their patriarch Josiah performed by Robert Patrick. Then, Son Thomas performed by Scott Haze still dwells in their old family house with Josiah, an abusive, cruel and overbearing man. Meanwhile, Eli (Nick Stahl), the ex-con brother was suspected of kidnapping the nine year-old girl, with the sister Mary performed by Kelli Garner was desperate of adopt a kid with her husband performed by Tony Hale but was clearly not the well woman.

The whole movie was a grueling, unpleasant and disturbing exploration of a family trauma embedded in each member. The thread all throughout is the connection between the father and Thomas, the former constantly attempting of pleasing and getting nothing however, abuse in return. What Josiah Saw’s one of the drabbest films of the final few years, displaying an exact opposite of the healthy familial bonding and one of those troubled father-son connection in recent cinema.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe, 2016

It is a supernatural horror movie is under the direction of André Øvredal and the stars Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as the father and son that work as the small-town coroners. Right after a body of the unidentified woman is located at the scenario of the odd homicide, the Sheriff delivered the body to Tommy Tilden played by Cox, the native coroner to clarify what has ensue on her. Tommy enlisted his son Austin played by Hirsch to assist him with Jane Doe autopsy.

As they start with the investigation, strange things start to happen. Spectral figures start appearing, lights flicker, and the similar song keeps playing over the radio. Then there had been odd injuries, objects and markings in and over Jane Doe, frightening and bewildering the father and the son. The film explored the tense connection between these two men while examining the love also between them at the face of the vengeful and terrifying entity.

The Mist, 2007

One more adaptation of Stephen King, The Mist of Frank Darabont is widely regarded to have one of the dreariest endings of all. Thomas Jane stars to be David Drayton, who goes to town with Billy, the young son, after the severe thunderstorm to protect supplies. Leaving Stephanie, his wife, at home, Billy, David, and the neighbor Brent headed to a local store as the thick mist roll towards the town. While at the store, this mist reached the town and then the emergency alert sounded as a scared local man crashed to the store warning about something in the scary mist.

The store became a fortress for everyone inside, with David turning to be an unwilling leader and a de facto of sorts being the first to really understand the terrors outside the walls. The priority of David is to keep the safety of his son from the harms outside and also the increasing dangers within, as the religious zealot claimed that they must surrender Billy to halt this misfortune. The Mist is just as heartbreaking as it’s horrifying, and remained one of the top King adaptations up to date.

Frailty, 2001

This disturbing movie star Bill Paxton and this make his directorial debut, with Matthew McConaughey as the father and the son. McConaughey played the adult version of the son of Paxton recounting his childhood with the FBI Agent. Claiming as Fenton Meiks, he stated that Adam, his brother has committed suicide, that Adam was really the perpetrator behind the rash of killings by the serial killer called “God’s Hand.” As the tale of Fenton unfolds, it became clear that the unhinged and unhappy father contributed to a guy his son became.

The Father Meiks believed that God had tasked of him with the killing of demons on foot the Earth in a human form, and Adam, his brother shared his delusion. Then Fenton took the Agent Doyle to a grave site of every victim, recounting his memory about the events. The movie is a frightening and a taut thriller, twisting in each turn with the ending that will make anyone watching of surprise.

Pet Sematary, 1989

This 1989 adaptation of a novel by Stephen King of similar name remains as a classic terror story to this day. Dale Midkiff performed as Louis Creed, his wife Denise Crosby performed as Rachel, and the two children Gage (Miko Hughes) and Ellie (Blaze Berdahl) move from Chicago to Maine. The Creeds’ new house is right by a side of the busy highway, the main concern for parents, but the larger problem for a family looms deeper inside the woods.

Their current neighbor Jud Crandall showed the family this “Pet Sematary” behind the property and from this point on this family’s life starts to sour like a ground of a cemetery. Young Gage was killed on this busy highway and was buried in that cemetery by Louis. This cursed ground resurrected Gage, and within his grief, Louis refused to accept that really Gage is different now, clinging to a memory of the boy and desperate of him to return to him. The movie features some of those most iconic scary scenarios of all time, then, Gage is the definite evil child.

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