Waktu Maghrib, 2023

This is the first Indonesian-language movie that has been banned in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon and Kuwait, because of the negative portrayal their Muslims characters as villain and evil which are more provocative.

The movie is under the direction of Sidharta Tata with the writers Agasyah Karim, Bayu Kurnia Prasetya, Khalid Kashogi and Sidharta Tata.

The Cast Lists

Nafiza Fatia Rani performed as Ayu

Aulia Sarah performed as Mrs. Woro

Sadana Agung Sulistya performed as Hansip

Bambang Paningron Astiaji performed as Ustadz

Muhammad Abe Baasyin performed as Lurah

Andri Mashadi performed as Karta

Taskya Namya performed as Ningsih

Adyano Rafi Bevan Putra performed as Drajat

Sulis Kusuma performed as Mrs. Lurah

Riyanto performed as Kasan (Adi’s Father)

Bima Sena performed as Saman

Ali Fikry performed as Adi

Kevin Abani performed as Samiun

Bebe Gracia performed as Wati

Jeje Malvin performed as Young Karta

Nasarius performed as Marto (Ayu’s Father)

Heru Prasetyo performed as Jin Ummu

Story Outline

In the village there is this girl who said goodbye to a mosque to pray the Maghreb for her father.

Writer’s Observation

Waktu Maghrib

If you do not know anything about the movie, entering the cinema will make you have fewer expectations, however, after watching, you will changed your mind because the movie was beyond anyone can expect it is. You can feel the horror in the movie. The horror will depend not only on the jump scares but also with the people and the vibes from the village. This movie opening scene is about what had happened 30 years after. It was connected with every tragedy in the movie. The movie was inspired by a short movie on Youtube entitled “Waktu Maghrib”. For Muslims people, it had been written in their Quran that it has been prohibited to go out in dusk. The movie showed the reality that this can take place in the actual life. The storyline had been great, and the story twist was perfect. Their movie actresses and actors embodied the character really well.

This movie is decent in its best and the script had been about Indonesian religion/folk horror, but kept feeling like horror to those brave children and teens. For someone who is serious in watching this movie, you can’t stop feeling that there is still much more potential that the movie can show out. The actors were not bad at all, specially the kids who are all great for their age. This movie direction is also impressive, but, you can still notice the lack of encounter, but it is still a promising direction with lots of great decisions in its composition. Also the photography is best in its part and the movie had been nice and gorgeous to see especially to those people from occidental states whose backgrounds and places appear look so distant. You will surely enjoy this movie, but still, it still needs more improvement.

For someone watching who is not a Muslim, the story background is very attractive that it gives a considerable artistic outset to present the plot, unfortunately, the story doesn’t fully appear that horrible to their audiences. Especially in its end part, the ghost appearances will only make the people feel funny and puzzled, and also there are some characters that cannot play an actual role.

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