Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies That Features Insects and Spiders

The world of insects is packed of creepy specimens which humans would really cross the road just to avoid them, and when they are featured in movies, the results are normally quite entertaining. For some years now, insects and spiders have played a big role to scare the pants off to moviegoers, especially to those that had bugged phobias.

Here are the 10 films that have stood the trials of time as taps that still make your skin crawl.

10. Arachnophobia, 1990

This is an incredibly creepy horror/comedy movie from 1990s to the chagrin plus the horror of arachnophobes. The story happened in the little Californian city that has been set upon by the deadly species of the Venezuelan tarantula which mates with the local house spider in making that super-deadly sift of offspring.

It’s an ultra-aggressive spider that started slaying the townsfolk in the variety of disturbing means as they intrude on the surrounding place. With the running out of time before the following batch of spiders will migrate farther from the initial epicenter, it’s up with the arachnophobic doctor, an overzealous pest-control man and a brilliant scientist to save their day.

9. The Fly, 1986

Jeff Goldblum played as Seth Brundle, was the brilliant scientist who has a DNA that was inadvertently infused with the typical housefly at a genetic level. As the fly DNA starts to take over, Seth begins losing different body parts in so many grotesque means. As his physiology alters, his human side was crushed, whereas a fly takes over, then this the outcome is nothing short frightening.

8. Them!, 1954

Nowadays, this is just lighthearted and tamed to watch, but to those moviegoers from 1954, it must be really terrifying. It follows the same pattern of the 1950s horror movies like film Godzilla, which capitalized over a nuclear scare to make a gigantic monster out of an atomic testing.

It is also far ahead during its time with regards to efficiency scares, illustrating traumatized kids, claustrophobic and grisly death scenes, and dark environments which help to set a terrifying tone. It is a shame that this kind of film has largely faded out of fashion through the decades.

7. Tarantula, 1955

When the concept of the hundred foot-tall tarantulas barreling by the countryside sounds terrifying, that’s because it really is. While in the 1950s was not the best decade to a movie based on such an idea, it did thrive with the Tarantula, another terrifying movie about the normal creature which mutates to a big size due to contact with nuclear materials.

This film makes clever utilization of the superimposed videos over the video to make an illusion of the gigantic tarantula, and a big silhouetted body of a spider helped to sell ominous scares. It had all the makings about a creepy, super-funny 1950 horror movie that can really be shared with everyone.

6. Frogs, 1972

This movie is considered as one of creepiest bug-based terrifying movies ever to hit our screens. The tale revolved around a camera guy who locates himself on the island owned by a super-wealthy Crockett clan, a patriarch of which had been utilizing a pesticide to slay a local fauna. The deaths are grisly and visceral, with everything from the tarantulas to the leeches and rattlesnakes have a go at those fleeing humans.

5. Mimic, 1997

The movie took, albeit familiar, interesting premise and it tweaked enough to stand alone. Mira Sorvino played as Dr. Susan Tyler, the entomologist who makes the hybrid insect to deal with the strain of cockroaches that are spreading a fatal disease in Manhattan. After years, she discovers that her creations had evolved to a certain point where it will mimic the human and now posed an even bigger threat to the whole world.

The audiences find the idea of big mutated insects stalking human beings by dimly lit tunnels and corridors to be a scary prospect. Mimic did it really well, and this still gives the scares up to now.

4. Eight Legged Freaks, 2002

The movie tried capitalizing over a high energy, laughs with scares of Arachnophobia and on the larger scale. In the movie, the collection of spiders increases to insanely big proportions after exposing to toxic materials. This movie is notable for showing the number of diverse spider species, and everything had their own separate attack style.

From the behemoth tarantulas to the jumping spiders chasing right after the pack of dirty biking kids, there are lots for arachnophobes that the viewers will hate and love about this movie. It handles to achieve a brilliant balance between genuine scares and light-hearted comedy.

3. The Deadly Mantis, 1957

The monster movies took the detour from a nuclear warfare theme and in this story the giant mantis is discovered from millions of era of suspended animation from the polar ice cap to wreak havoc over Washington, D.C.

This movie took one of the insects in the kingdom of animals and turns it to a relatively amusing sci-fi horror movie where yet another huge bug accosts screaming ladies by the windows, shrugs off a military and gives the viewers with the fun-filled Saturday noon romp.

2 The Swarm, 1978

This is another classic action and horror flick about the huge swarm of slayer bees that had made man their vital target. The bees had caused every manner of destruction over an unprecedented scale, starting from derailing the train to turning the cities into killer zones where nobody, not even kids were safe. Not mainly gory, but absolutely unsettling in the age of dread-mongering about Africanized honey bees that invaded America.

1. Phase IV, 1974

insects and spiders

The Phase IV movie goes far beyond about what is taken into consideration as a normal terrifying movie about humans and the creepy swarming bugs. Each frame of the movie was soaked in 1970s, abstract motifs made from the popular movies like Zardoz, but the premise was really interesting.

In the movie, the hive of super-witty ants starts acting against human, forcing them to choose whether to attempt and communicate with the insect opponents or to destroy them outright. It is a trippy movie with an ominous finale that very few movies will claim to equal.

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