Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, 2021

The film was released in some marketplace with the title of Escape Room: No Way Out and Escape Room 2: Deadly Game. It is an American survival horror movie under the direction of Adam Robitel and with the writers Will Honley, Daniel Tuch, Oren Uziel and Maria Melnik. It is the sequel to the Escape Room of 2019, and is about following the crowd of six people attempting to endure the current series of the more fatal escape rooms.

Cast Lists

Taylor Russell performed as Zoey Davis

Deborah Ann Woll performed as Amanda Harper

Logan Miller performed as Ben Miller

Carlito Olivero performed as Theo

Holland Roden performed as Rachel Ellis

Thomas Cocquerel performed as Nathan

Indya Moore performed as Brianna Collier


Scott Coker performed as FBI agent

James Frain performed as Henry

Tanya van Graan performed as Sonya

Matt Esof performed as the vagrant

Isabelle Fuhrman performed as Claire

Lucy Newman-Williams performed as Zoey’s therapist


After escaping the “solo survivor” escaped rooms being orchestrated by Minos Corporation, Ben Miller, Zoey and Davis decided to confront this shadowy organization right after locating coordinates to the NYC–based headquarters. Zoey was encouraged by the therapist to keep on from the trauma and to take over her feeling aerophobia, but she opted to steer with Ben and not to just fly.

The duo locates the headquarter derelict and were accosted by the vagrant who stole the necklace of Zoey. Ben and Zoey give chase straight to the train of Q subway. The train car separated from the others on the train that had been redirected to the remote station, fastening Ben, Zoey, and the rest of the passengers Theo, Rachel, Brianna, and Nathan inside. As these passengers realized in fright that they had been one more time in the Minos’ deadly game, this train became electrified. Ben and Zoey discovered that the other who are the “winners” from the previous escape rooms, had survived them. To run away, the team should gather the subway tokens as their electrification increases. Theo was killed while the others escape. Nathan revealed his escape room team had been all priests. Rachel’s consisted of individuals who can’t feel physical pain, and Brianna’s have been all influencers.

The following room is the bank with a gradually locking vault and a fatal laser security usage. The group handles to decipher a complex route to take around the lasers, then, escape with seconds to spare. When they are in the area, Zoey was perplexed by the frequent references to somebody called Sonya and the escape rooms had no apparent link to the team not like before. The following room is the postcard-like beach together with more references pointing to Sonya. They discovered that the beach was covered with quicksand. When Rachel was sinking, Nathan sacrificed himself to rescue Rachel and was swallowed up on the sand. Zoey locates the alternate way out just as also Brianna unlocked the intended way out. The argument on which way to take broke them; Ben and Rachel side with Zoey. Then, Brianna escapes by the main way out while Zoey and Rachel traverse to the other route. Ben failed into the quicksand.

Writer’s Notion

When you enjoy their first movie, then, you have to watch this one too, but do not allow yourself to be upset, since this is not as great as the first one. The writing is way far-fetch and unbelievable. Their movie writers seemed to be shifting off into the deep end. Their acting is not as good as the first one also, that it felt more forced and cliche, however, this again can also be due to the poor writing.

The movie does not really look that good as the initial movie, since they are using the bad CGI that has the low def. The movie is shorter and had a much speedy pace than the initial one, but most significantly all else is just so messy and chaotic all around. The first “Room” of this movie is not like the same as the first one, since this one is ridiculous, with all things happening way really quick and all the casts screaming in a very annoying manner. But still, it is worth to watch and not really a bad film.

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