3 from Hell, 2019

This is an American horror movie co-produced, written and directed by Mr. Rob Zombie. This is the third installment in the Firefly trilogy, which started with the 2003 “House of 1000 Corpses’”. Ten years had passed by since that event of 2005 “The Devil’s Rejects”.

Cast Lists

  • Bill Moseley appeared as Otis Driftwood
  • Bill Oberst Jr. appeared as Tony Commando
  • Emilio Rivera appeared as Aquarius
  • Austin Stoker appeared as Earl Gibson   
  • David Ury appeared being Travis O‘Rourke
  • Wade Williams appeared as Buford Tuttle
  • Chaz Bono appeared as Digby Neville
  • Jackie S. Garcia appeared as Princesa
  • Sid Haig appeared as Captain Spaulding 
  • Sheri Moon Zombie appeared as “Baby” Vera-Ellen Firefly
  • Richard Brake appeared as “Foxy” Winslow Foxworth Coltrane
  • Jeff Daniel Phillips appeared as Warden Virgil Dallas Harper
  • Tom Papa appeared as the News Anchor being George Glass
  • Pancho Moler appeared as Sebastian
  • Daniel Roebuck appeared as Morris Green
  • Richard Riehle appeared as Sheriff Wolf
  • Danny Trejo appeared as Rondo
  • Dee Wallace appeared as Greta
  • Sean Whalen appeared as Burt Willie
  • Richard Edson appeared as Carlos Perro
  • Kevin Jackson appeared as Gerard James
  • Clint Howard appeared as Baggy Britches
  • Clint Howard appeared as Baggy Britches


The movie opens with some news reports covering an event of the prior movie. Through the records, it is exposed that Captain Spaulding, Baby, and Otis, miraculously survived the shootout with the policemen and that they may be put on tried for the crimes. The trial has been widely covered nationwide, which then became the cause célèbre, resulting with the organization of complaints that insisted the trio’s innocence. Frequent fanatics adopt also the chant of “Free the Three”, which claims that the crimes were committed being the means of fighting against the system. In spite of this, all three had been found guilty and were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.

Additionally, to their final verdict, Capt. Spaulding is executed thru lethal injection. The half-brother of Otis, Winslow, showed up to assist Otis escape from the prison while he has been outside doing some work on the chain gang. During the process, Rondo had been killed by Otis, who had been on their chain gang right after having been in prison some time right after the finale of the previous movie and had been sent to similar prison, but didn’t identify Otis. In the meantime, Baby unsuccessfully looks for parole, as the mental state has deteriorated even further since her incarceration.

The moment it’s free, Foxy and Otis started planning to set-free of Baby from prison. In accomplishing this, they abducted the family and the friends of the warden at the prison, Virgil Dallas Harper. Foxy and Otis demand that Harper, assisted Baby to sneak out from the prison or they can kill everyone they have held hostage. Harper followed their commands and then sneaks Baby out from the prison through disguising her as the guard. But, once Baby has been freed, Foxy and Otis settled to shun the loose ends, then kills all the hostages, and also Harper. Now being united, the three had not yet decided as to whatever will be next to do, but eventually settle on fleeing to Mexico, the choice that has been made more pressing because Baby’s growing instability.

Writer’s Notion

Even before the start of the film, the viewers are told by the movie director that there had been no intention to make the third movie in the series. The masterpiece had arrived and gone for 15 years and yet its’ too often need in relishing in the past greatness went back in haunting him. The movie has been nothing like the predecessor.

The pacing is just slow and even irritating. Worse the movie became derivative as this goes on taking inept over amassed tropes into the new heights. He would have done much better. There are some points in the movie that was disappointing, like the fireflies that would have been better off dead. There are some high hopes in this scene.

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