31 (2016)


The film is a horror movie directed and written by Rob Zombie, and the story is about 5 carnies that were kidnapped by the gang of clowns known as “The Heads” and obliged to play the survival game named as “31”, where they were chased by clowns through the maze of rooms for about 12 hours.

The Cast List:

  • Jeff Daniel Phillips played as Roscoe Pepper
  • Sheri Moon Zombie played as Charly
  • Richard Brake played as Doom-Head
  • Jane Carr played as Sister Serpent
  • E.G. Daily played as the Sex-Head
  • Andrea Dora played as Trixie
  • Meg Foster played as Venus Virgo
  • Judy Geeson played as Sister Dragon
  • Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs played as Panda Thomas
  • Jermain Hollman played as Goon 1
  • Esperanza Ibarra played as Snoopy
  • Kevin Jackson played as Levon Wally
  • Ginger Lynn played as Cherry Bomb
  • Pancho Moler played as Sick-Head
  • Gabriel Pimentel played as Brumaire
  • Daniel Roebuck played as Pastor Victor
  • Devin Sidell played as Georgina Victor
  • Lew Temple played as Psychotic Head
  • David Ury played as Schizophrenia Head
  • Torsten Voges played as the Death-Head
  • Tracey Walter played as Lucky Leo
  • Michael Alcott, “Red Bone” played as the Fat Randy Bumpagussy
  • Malcolm McDowell as the father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder

The Story Line:


During the 1976 Halloween, the crowd of carnival workers, Venus, Panda, Charly, Roscoe, and Levon were attacked and was brought to the odd, big construction where the three elderly people that wears aristocratic clothes, make up, and pulverized wigs Sis. Serpent, Sis. Dragon, and the leader father, Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder, and informed them that they were to play the game called as “31” and it will stay for the next 12 hours of their stay.


The crowd was placed in the series of the maze-like group of rooms, and here is where they should defend themselves towards the “Heads”, many killer clowns whom intended to murder and torture them, and all the while, the crowds were given chances for their endurance and bets were positioned on them. The protagonists came across the five “Heads”, Death-Head, Psycho-Head, Sick-Head, Schizo-Head, and the Sex-Head. These carnies finally handle to murder the assailants, and not without supporting the casualties, and only Roscoe, Charly, and Venus, were left alive. The other three attempt to locate their way out, but handles to get only one of the number; Venus was shut in the boiler room, where Venus was brutally killed by the final Head, then, Doom-Head, whom was taken in by aristocrats to merge in the game. The Doom-Head taunted Roscoe and Charly, and revealing to them that the doors have been unlocked to welcome the outside world.

The Writers View:

The movie “31” is not an original film and it is a pointless and absurd story. The best dare is not for the crowd forced to partake in, but for the audience to witness the movie up to the very end. The veteran casts Judy Geeson, Malcolm McDowell, and Meg Foster are the only good thing to see here, but they don’t give better performance in this movie with a poor screenplay and story and this also makes their acting poor. Meg Foster is the only one that had the evident talent and the performance is still brilliant as expected, her best material.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hqR1JAZhmg]

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