47 Meters Down: Uncaged, 2019

This is a type of survival horror movie under the direction of Johannes Roberts and with writer Ernest Riera and Roberts as well, and this is the standalone sequel of 47 Meters Down of 2017.

Cast Lists

  • Sophie Nélisse appeared as Mia                                
  • Khylin Rhambo appeared as Carl
  • Sistine Stallone appeared as Nicole                         
  • Davi Santos appeared as Ben
  • Brianne Tju appeared as Alexa                                  
  • Brec Bassinger appeared as Catherine
  • John Corbett appeared as Grant                               
  • Corinne Foxx appeared as Sasha
  • Nia Long appeared as Jennifer


Teenager Mia with her stepsister Sasha had just transferred to the new school. Another learner, Catherine pushes Mia in the campus pool together with Sasha as the bystander. Grant, Mia’s father discovered about this incident and planned the boat ride for these sisters to witness the great white sharks, in hope that these two will bond. Mia has been handed by Grant a tooth of the great white shark that he found and recounted when Mia utilized to scuba dive together with him.

During the day of their boat ride, Mia has been shocked to witness that Catherine together with her friends had been there for a tour. Alexa and Nicole, Sasha’s friends, arrived and tempted them mutually to go to the secret spot with them. These girls get inside the car of Alexa and had the fun time at their secret lagoon. Alexa revealed that the lagoon had an entrance to the submerged Mayan city wherein Grant, together with his two assistants, Ben, Alexa’s boyfriend and Carl are working to set-up for the visit from the team of archaeologists the next week.

After locating the scuba gear, Nicole convinced the girls in diving in through the city, finally reaching a prehistoric sacrificial chamber. They meet the cavefish, and Nicole mistakenly knocks over the stone column, causing the chain reaction of this collapses. The girls became divided by this silt until Alexa and Mia find Ben, who’s suddenly devoured by the great white shark, then drops the guideline. These girls find one another and are being chased by the shark into the tunnel, causing the cave-in into the entrance of the lagoon. The girls wanted to return for the guideline, however, they encounter the shark forcing these girls to swim even deeper in the city until these girls finally reach the air pocket. Mia heard music under the water and left the girls behind for her attempt to ask for some help.

Writer’s Notion

The plus side of the movie is that, it has been so often that the case will be a nice idea. The idea of cave sharks is adorable, being blind and just relying on the sound.

However, the characters were really such, that you will not anymore care if they are going to be eaten or not. The movie did not give out many scary and trembling scenes. In small doses, the movie is fun, but in general, it is quite disappointing. When you are being lured in by a very nice trailer and just to become fair for those that like movies of shark, like me, but, really the movie is near to being terrible, and sorry to say, but this movie is not different from the rest of the shark movies that disappoint you and me!

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