5 Creepy Movies With A ‘Killer Mom’ To Watch This Coming Mother’s Day

Some of those most gnarly bad characters in horror flicks happened to be mothers and so to honor Mother’s Day, below are the must-watch movie lists dedicated to the killer moms — moms that are actually brutal baddies in these stories. The holiday which celebrates motherhood is the best time to revisit the following five movies below, and when you are reading this, you can begin watching the movies with your killer mom (killer of insects) beside you!

1. 2019 – The Curse of La Llorona

This movie is from the legend cause in Hispanic society. In the fable, the lady drowns herself and her children. La Llorona, interpreted as a Weeping Woman, is fated to repeat the fierce series as her soul walked the Earth forever, drowning after stealing kids. The movie is telling this ghost tale in 1973 on the background of LA. The movie is just enough to send some chills down the viewer’s spine.

2. 2009 – Coraline

Don’t let a stop-motion animation to fool you. Coraline movie is really creepy as heck. This movie follows the bored youngster known as Coraline, who locates the gateway into the alternate dimension. Each night she visited the fantastical humanity, which houses the Other Father, Other Mother, and Other Others that appear identical to their actual world counterpart, besides the truth that they all had buttons for the eyes. Coraline is pander with fun and treats by the Other Mother, however, soon discovered that things that appear too good as true are possibly intended to murder you.

3. 1980 – Friday the 13th

In the movie Friday the 13th, the amorous camp counselors located at the Crystal Lake were stalked and slaughtered of the mysterious maniac. At the end, the murderer is being revealed as Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason who is grieving, Jason is the young lad who drowned while on unsupervised swimming at the camp. The slasher flick boot-off a franchise of the dozen movies, including the reboot in year 2009. While the Mrs. Voorhees launched its initial massacre, the resurrected son took over the machete within the sequels.

4. 1991 – The People Under the Stairs

This comedy-horror romp went inside the mysterious dwelling where the peculiar couple kept the stolen kids locked in a cellar. Deprived of food, love, sunlight and some other necessities, these captives descend to cannibalism. In amplifying up an ick factor, “Daddy and Mommy” are disclosed as siblings.

5. 1997 – Scream 2

The Scream franchise rotates around Sidney Prescott, a frequent target of the various Ghostface murderers. Each of the 4 Scream movies features the different villain who is under the mask, and all with their personal convoluted reasons of wanting Sid dead. In this franchise of Scream, Laurie Metcalf had the honor of performing as the mastermind at the back of the carnage. Her personality, Debbie Salt, the mother of their original Scream slasher and Billy Loomis, who the friends of Sidney and herself defeated at the final moment of the initial movie.

And these lists of horror movies are just enough to have any movie buff started on Mother’s Day binge. However, there are lots of mom-themed horror movies to enjoy.

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